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Why Can’t This Happen To Me?

26 Feb

Seriously. There’s not enough mile high action in my life. Invariably, I end up sitting next to someone who just got released from prison or rehab. One might assume I would go for someone like that, but ever since I got my chola tear removed I seem to be able to date men who’ve never lived in a halfway house. Creative by BBDO New York.

I Just Want To Take A Nap

10 Feb

Is that too much to ask? Why do I have to go watch the stupid ass Pro Bowl? Like anyone really cares about that game. I might as well start drinking now to preempt any boredom which I might suffer.

You’ve all probably seen the new IKEA bedroom commercials, but check out the microsite. Just as good as their kitchen one. Fabulous video work, beautiful editing, nice sound design. Can only assume this was done by the same shops: Forsman & Bodenfors/Camp David/Kokokaka, but not quite sure.

IKEA Bedroom

Hong Kong Phooey, Number One Super Guy

4 Feb

I promised myself I wouldn’t get into the whole Superbowl ad mess, but I really couldn’t pass this up. When I saw this last night, I spit my beer all over the guy next to me. It’s obvious Sales Genie’s in-house team is a group of the most open-minded, politically correct advertising geniuses on the planet.

Be A Mind Sticker

27 Jan

I always suspected that drinking diet soda would make wonderful things happen to me. That men all over the world would sit in their offices and daydream about Agency Tart because she stays so thin and beautiful by drinking Tab. This shit can’t be real – the 70s were pretty lame, but I’m fairly sure women didn’t want to be Stepford Wives, even then. Or did they?

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Reminds Me of Last Night…

22 Jan

…and I don’t want to be reminded of that. Luckily, I can’t remember much anyway. When I started drinking Jameson neat with a Guinness chaser, I should have known I was in trouble. Good times. Ad by Psyop/Stink/BBDO Dublin. As always, Psyop is amazing.

Psyop Guinness
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Apple Commercials Still Good?

20 Jan

At least they’re branching out from the no-set-white-screen thing and adding in some interesting elements, like in this spot, titled “Not” – which looks like Mac and PC are inside a banner ad on the New York Times site. Creative is by TBWA/Epoch Films. Saw the Mac guy in Die Hard yesterday and I think I like him better in the commercials. Got that hot geeky goodness thing going on.

Lose Weight, Get A New Job, Replace Your Dead Dog

7 Jan

All good New Year’s resolutions. Monster’s obviously really pushing the “get a new job” one – their commercials were on high rotation during football this weekend. Nice CG on this one – by BBDO.

This Was Better Than The Film

17 Dec

I saw this commercial for the Zune on the pre-roll at the movies yesterday (creative by McCann’s TAG). I thought perhaps someone had dropped a little bit of mind-altering goodness into my soda. Amazing editing and set design.

A Car In Every Driveway

16 Dec

Those stupid ass big red bow “December To Remember” Lexus commercials irritate the hell out of me. Such bullshit. I’m positive there’s never been a time in my life when someone thought, “I’ll surprise Agency Tart and buy her a car for Christmas.” This is illustrated by the fact that I have received a lump of coal in the mail every December for 16 years from one of my relatives. No note. Just coal in tissue paper. So anyway…I can’t relate to the Lexus gift giving, even though I read some study recently that said people actually do give cars at Christmas. Infiniti’s got a holiday ad out now (by TBWA/Chiat/Day LA) that’s actually cool. The graphics are amazing. It’s still bullshit.

Infiniti Holiday

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Good Timing. Armageddon Was Just On TV.

30 Nov

Awww….I love a group of guys who stick together. And I love beer. So this tv spot for Carling that Chimps posted today tugged at my last, barely there heart string. Might be because I’m still a little drunk from last night, but creative well done by BMB.

A Holiday Ad I Actually Like

30 Nov

I’m so sick of Christmas advertising. If you work in an agency, you’ve probably been sick of it since May, when you had 5 kickoff meetings in a row for holiday campaigns. Or was that just me? This spot for a UK retailer, John Lewis, is both cleverly created and memorable. I can totally see an interactive component for this, but there’s not. Bah humbug. But in the spirit of the holidays, I do want to encourage you to make a little cocktail I call “JagNog” – 80% nog, 20% Jager. Sounds gross, but it’s sooooo damn good. Really.

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There’s One In The Cube Across From Me

29 Nov

It’s mean, I know. I wouldn’t say it if she wasn’t such a huge conniving bitch with an agenda. You’re a freaking assistant project manager who talks on the phone to your boyfriend for 3 hours a day and files your nails for the rest! Get over yourself! Meow. Spot for Life Savers by Energy BBDO.

Muffin Top

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