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Officially Really F@&*ing Busy

11 Feb

I’m under water. Be back soon. I promise. Meanwhile, in the spirit of that mean and hateful pseudo-holiday, Valentine’s Day, here’s Virgin Mobile’s latest microsite, Let’s Have TXT. Creative by McKinney. I haven’t had text in months. My Blackberry is feeling a little blue.

Let’s Have TXT
(via Adrants)

Shop’s Open On Monday

18 Jan

Could take the day off. It’s a floating holiday – why it’s ‘floating’ makes no sense, but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion. 3 friends at other agencies say their places are closing for the MLK holiday. None of my client’s companies are closed though, so I’m sure I’ll be answering some jackass emails and recovering from my Sunday football drinking binge (which I’m going to start on Saturday in anticipation). Here’s to hoping I’ll need tons of pain relievers and a gigantic cheeseburger come Monday. I just jinxed myself.

Green With Envy

31 Dec

Doug Zanger, of pOne Partners in Oregon, and his beautiful wife are in New Zealand on holiday. Check out his blog on the trip, especially the post about the metric system. Very similar to a meeting I had with an ad exec Frenchman on Friday, except the silence in my conversation came after I told him to “go back to your agency in France if it’s so great”.


Another Agency Xmas Self-Promo

24 Dec

I like this one from the Feuer Agency in Munich. It’s not in English, but you’ll figure it out. I especially like Francois, Ulla and Volker, who’s got some serious moves. I’m back in the Christmas spirit now. Just don’t listen for too long or you’ll feel as if you’ve eaten too many mushrooms and are sitting in the hallway of a Pink Floyd laser light show with your head in your hands. If you want to see most all of the agency holiday promos out there, go here – BannerBlog’s got a slew of them.


Happy Xmas (Work Is Over)

23 Dec

Work is over for some of us. Why my agency is open on Christmas Eve is beyond me. None of my clients are in their offices all week. I do need a papervision piece finished up this week, but I don’t really need to be there for that, do I? What else do I have to do though? My family has deserted me and my friend who I always spend some part of Christmas day with eating Chinese has now decided to surprise her boyfriend in Seattle. Whatever. I officially hate Christmas this year. But for those of you who don’t, here’s my happy and peaceful Christmas playlist for you. Enjoy. Now go spend time with your fucking families.

Xmas Playlist

Down With Green Screen

22 Dec

But as long as it doesn’t have a boring solo spokeswhore, I guess it’s okay. Take Puma’s online holiday site – green-screenesque, but no actor, just a cute sweatshop robot. Here’s my little Christmas message for you as I sit with my Pumas up on the desk, drinking JagNog.

Puma Holiday

Agency Christmas Greetings

22 Dec

Seems every digital shop out there has some cool holiday greeting out there. Except us, of course. I swear our managing director is channeling Ebenezer this year (case in point: my bonus was an email telling me I wouldn’t be getting a bonus because I already make enough money). Here’s a link to some I’ve received lately. I was forwarded the one from Big Spaceship by our ECD, which he sent as if it was from the guy who grabbed my ass the other day. I was totally creeped out for about an hour until he admitted his “genius” joke. Good one. However, that was better than our IT guy sending me a link to a news article about how to keep the pounds off during the holiday season. Merry Christmas to you too, jackass.

Some holiday cheer from Big Spaceship.
AKQA’s Haloday.
LBi London’s holiday card jumps into life.
Glue goes to Lapland.
And not from an agency, but Chimp’s Christmas out-of-blog post. I quite agree.
W+K London’s Wieden’s Wood.
R/GA Presents Tattoo Santa.

(AKQA Haloday)