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Psyop. Always Amazing.

11 Jan

They’re probably some of the most talented animators and designers around. Check out their spots for Adidas‘ sponsorship of the 2008 Olympics (with Stink and TBWA China) – amazing.

adidas olympics

Down With Green Screen

22 Dec

But as long as it doesn’t have a boring solo spokeswhore, I guess it’s okay. Take Puma’s online holiday site – green-screenesque, but no actor, just a cute sweatshop robot. Here’s my little Christmas message for you as I sit with my Pumas up on the desk, drinking JagNog.

Puma Holiday

A Car In Every Driveway

16 Dec

Those stupid ass big red bow “December To Remember” Lexus commercials irritate the hell out of me. Such bullshit. I’m positive there’s never been a time in my life when someone thought, “I’ll surprise Agency Tart and buy her a car for Christmas.” This is illustrated by the fact that I have received a lump of coal in the mail every December for 16 years from one of my relatives. No note. Just coal in tissue paper. So anyway…I can’t relate to the Lexus gift giving, even though I read some study recently that said people actually do give cars at Christmas. Infiniti’s got a holiday ad out now (by TBWA/Chiat/Day LA) that’s actually cool. The graphics are amazing. It’s still bullshit.

Infiniti Holiday

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What A Wonderful World

18 Oct

Those who know me know that I both laugh constantly and hate everything at the same time. I don’t know how this dichotomy happened within me, but I don’t effing care…HAHAHAHAH. See? What I do like is this ad for NYC tourism that’s been making the rounds. Although the animation is absolutely fabulous, I think it’s the music that really puts it over the top (a remix by Mint Royale of Take The A Train – thanks, Swiss Miss).

Mmmmm. Vodka. Good.

16 Oct

Not a big fan of Smirnoff, but the spot I just saw on Brand Noise has some fabulous animation. I thought for sure the VO guy was talking about Rasputin, though. Microsite‘s not that bad either, which is a little surprising.

Guinness. Mmmm. Boring.

20 Sep

You know I love Guinness. When we passed by the local on the way to a client lunch today, everyone in the car was tempted to stop for a pint. But then I saw this microsite by the ichameleon group and Michael Schlingmann for Guinness called “A Short Film Called Hands”. Snooze. I know this guy is a world-class animator to whom geeks everywhere bow down, but it’s ho-fucking-hum. I’d rather sit at lunch and listen to a client talk about his workout routine for an hour. Not that that happened anytime recently.

Guinness Hands

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Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk

18 Aug

Okay, maybe not the cigarettes. This site for Quebec’s dairy board from BBDO Montreal is ultra-cute – I especially like the animation at the barber. The fact that it’s part of a much larger campaign including video games, newspapers and movie pre-rolls makes it that much better. Or it’s that the chocolate guy’s pupils look like mine on acid. I can’t decide.

Leo et Choc

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I Could Use A Beer Or Five

9 Aug

For numerous reasons (read: my favorite client), but especially after I saw this Miller Lite spot on AdverBox.  The animations Method had done for it are fucking glorious.

Miller Lite

(via Stash and AdverBox)

Trying to reclaim my youth

16 Jul

I ordered a skateboard online this weekend to use around the office. Don’t ask me why – I know I’ll bust my ass as soon as I get on it! Our slate floor is nothing like a plywood half pipe.  I wish I were more creative and could think of another mode of transportation around the shop (other than walking – I’m a lazy bitch).

Speaking of skateboarding, the site for the upcoming XGAMES is very well done – tons of energy and great flash work without long loading times. I love the weird avatar-looking thing they did with the athletes’ eyes.  There’s lots of hidden stuff on the site – check it out when you have a chance.


(via Favourite Website Awards)

Looks Like My Co-Worker

29 Jun

Renee has a lot in common with the main character on this fabulous site for the German 3-D shop, Fifty Eight. She’s fat, has a big mouth, wears lots of ugly yellow clothes and I suspect may be bald. Check this site out – and when the red “Fight The Site” button appears periodically, be sure to click on it.

Fifty Eight

While You’re At It

12 Jun

Check out Park Studio‘s site (they did the Brahma site from the previous post). I’m so sick of interactive agencies trying to be slick and futuristic – Park’s site really shows off their work without taking themselves too seriously. Reminds me of the cover of Boris Karloff’s narrated Peter and the Wolf, which still seriously scares the bejesus out of me.


Park Studios


Peter and the Wolf

I Like Uploading Heads

6 Jun

Anytime a site asks me to upload a photo and then lets me crop the head (like Paloozahead), I love it. Why? Because it usually makes people look like they have a really fat head. So when I saw the new Adidas site (by glue) on Favourite Website Awards, I was excited.  The site and animations are very well done and  I got to upload our operations manager’s three chins! Thanks, glue.