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Let’s See What Sticks

9 Jan

Make the logo bigger links to a press release from Kimberly-Clark for their new marketing campaign. Just think of what this R12 calendar would look like. Can you imagine going into a meeting and using “Be Kind to Your Behind” without laughing hysterically? I can’t.

The campaign "Be Kind to Your Behind" debuts this month and integrates
experiential marketing, branded Web sites, Internet advertising, bus and train
station ads, FSIs, in-store promotions, redesigned product packaging and
public relations activities, as well as traditional TV and print advertising.
In addition, the campaign will use the iconic Cottonelle puppy across all
communications channels to embody the brand's key benefits of soft, soothing
comfort. (Reuters)

Marketing Yourself Sucks

22 Dec

Finally ready to make the move I’ve been talking about forever after having a long, drawn out discussion with our ECD yesterday afternoon (where he made it clear I’m underpaid, overworked and need a tan). Problem is, getting hired somewhere takes a looonnnngg time. Agencies don’t post my position for some reason – you just have to put yourself out there. So I’ve been trying to think of a creative way to market myself other than just a resume. I mean, I can’t ask one of our designers to do a flash piece for me without attracting some sort of attention around the office. So if you see a resume come through your shop for an ambiguous job, with a boring but lucrative resume, for a girl who was client side until 2 years ago, it’s me. I wouldn’t recommend calling me back. You’ll need an HR person just to monitor my behavior.

Selling Soap The Old Fashioned Way. Virally.

27 Nov

Think there’s a reason vm-people used what looks like a bar of anti-viral soap to get across their viral marketing message? Nah. Very cute self-promo.

(via Todd And)

Like An Acid Trip…

4 Nov

…only it never ends. Or does it? I adore this site Poke London did for Orange, Good Things Should Never End. Conveys the “unlimited” marketing message without being starburst-y about it. Very, very nice. Only thing is, my piece of crap Mighty Mouse’s scrolling combined with this site makes my hangover just a wee bit worse. Must. Eat. Mexican. Soon.

Orange Unlimited
(via crackunit)

Jack Morton Worldwide

24 Oct

Love this wall in the offices of Jack Morton, an experiential marketing agency in London. Check out the rest of the space at This Ain’t No Disco.

Jack Morton Jpeg

Jack Morton

I Met This Guy…

8 Sep the hotel yesterday when I was checking out and we ended up talking for a half hour. He wasn’t pretty, so don’t even go there. But at the end of our conversation, he asked me to come interview for a client-side position in the marketing department where he works. I Googled him this morning just to make sure he was for real after he left a message on my phone. My question is this: should I consider leaving the agency life that I so love (well, obviously not always) and go back to being the order-giver? I’d be a whole lot less stressed, but would I be bored?

Don’t Take My Advice

12 Aug

Yesterday I had a thought (which I hope will not become a pattern) while at the nail salon. There’s a captive audience of about 10 – 15 women per hour just dying for something to look at. Where else can you get hour long interaction rates by using video monitors, POP, logo-ed merch/supplies, whatever? Obviously, you’d have to be somewhat tasteful about it, but that’s your job, not mine.

Nail Salon

Crocs Eat Dogs In Germany

4 Jul

I saw this street campaign for a German zoo on adfreak today – it’s theme is “Come to the zoo, before the zoo comes to you”. I’d like to suggest that the next iteration is something involving our operations manager and a beaver.


50k is like 50 cents in my pocket..

1 Jun

…I can’t do jack with it. When a client came to me today and said, “I have a very large chunk of marketing dollars that I’d like to allocate towards interactive,” I guffawed and spit some of my Diet Coke into their face. Okay, I lied – I didn’t do the spitting part. But 50k? Come on! What on earth can you really do for that anymore – I almost suggested he get some coupons printed for The Clipper mailer and be done with it.  I’m at a total loss – maybe I just need a few cocktails and I’ll come up with something compelling and brilliant by Monday.

Do We Need Clients?

29 May

Okay, okay. I know they pay our bills and our world revolves around their many, many, stupid, insignificant needs. But today I am so over them.  I have a new client who’s in the sportswear industry. He wants a site exactly like the competition, all the way down to the navigation, search terms and banner campaign.  He even sent me photos of their models for us to recreate in a photo shoot.  Do I really want my name associated with this? I’d say yes if I was going to get a bonus out of it because I seriously lack ethics, but the measly budget doesn’t even put a dent in my target.

I need a cigarette. But then I saw this interactive Australian site and was reminded that I have asthma. If I would have seen this site as a child, I would have never started smoking.  Hash doesn’t cause asthma attacks though, right?  I love the talent on this site – good casting.

Bronchs 1

(Tequila,  Sydney)

The Takeover Cometh

1 May

As I was limping out of work at 8:15 last night,  I noticed the conference room door was shut and the suits that had been in there all day were still there.  I had heard them earlier on their cells in the hallway whispering in their fancy European accents.  The accents made me want to sleep with half of them, but that’s another story. The announcement is coming tomorrow and I still don’t know who’s taking us over.  I hope they impose their Euro-trash, advertising agency dress codes on us so I can wear long skinny black scarves and pointy shoes.  More to come.