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This Is Only For The Bored

13 Oct

Or home with a wicked cold like me. I rarely get sick, but when I do, it’s invariably on a weekend (and goddamn it’s nice out) or during a vacation.  Never during the week when I could have the chance of avoiding frat boy‘s newfangled Caesar cut (yes, that’s right). Course not. Anyway, DHL has this new geography advergame promoting their….umm…I don’t know what they’re promoting, actually. It is kind of refreshing compared to UPS and FedEx who brand the shit out of everything they do online. But as a marketing effort, big waste of money on this – next time, put a little messaging, logos, links to what you’re selling, instead of only a sad little opt-in at the end of the game. By the way, US, Western Europe, no problem, but Eastern Europe? Fuck. Apparently, I’m turning into a typical American.

DHL Advergame

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You Think I Could Sleep After..

15 Sep

..the mindfuckery of this morning? Hell, no. I might throw up at any time though, so bear with me. Far too many gin and tonics last night.

What would really make me hurl right now is being forced to go to Wal-Mart. I break out in hives just driving past one. And if I go inside, it’s an immediate acid flashback from the sensory overload. I hear they’re getting a new tagline (“Save Money. Live Better.”) and toning down the use frequency of the smiley face. Yawn. But I love Gawker’s take on it.

A Bleary Eyed Tart

15 Aug

I’m completely fried and looking at another long night at the office with only the window washers to keep me company. There’s 2 enormous presentations next week – one a branding research study and the other a 26 million dollar media pitch. My problem is this: I have to present the research study to a very large group of people and my public speaking skills are appalling. And when I invariably hit a low point in a speech, I make off-color jokes for no apparent reason. So I ‘m writing down the exact words I’m going to say so that doesn’t happen. Outcome is not favorable.

Coffee Aspirin