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I’m Trying To Have A Good Weekend…

27 Jan

..and I keep getting interrupted. Our shop’s waiting to hear if we got a big e-commerce project from a financial institution. It’s huge revenue, 2-year minimum engagement. The client said they’d let us know last Thursday if we got the job. Then they said sometime this weekend. Now, it’s Tuesday. My boss is losing his mind with the waiting:

—–Original Message—–
From: Jonathan
Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2008 12:20 PM
To: Alexandra
Subject: i am…


a fucking wreck.



But It’s A Great Place To Work

19 Jan

I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me. I’m at the office this morning and so is our managing partner. He seems to be in a pretty good mood. I haven’t had a bonus in a few months, and in my fairly unstructured contract, I get bonuses whenever my team closes a large amount of new business or adds on existing. I closed a multi-million dollar project with an existing client a couple of weeks ago. So I saunter into his office with my cup of coffee and say, “Can we talk for a sec?” Why I think this sentence ever leads to anything good is beyond me. I actually said the same thing to a friend of mine earlier in the day, and that didn’t turn out as well as I thought, either. So obviously it makes total sense to say the same thing to someone else the next day. Here’s how the conversation with my boss went:

Me: So….remember we got that proposal signed after New Years?
Him: Of course. Good job.
Me: Ummm….so….bonus?
Him: I meant to talk to you people about that before Christmas. I think I’m going to restructure the bonus plans.
Me: But that wouldn’t affect this one, would it? That wouldn’t really be fair.
Him: Actually, yes. I’m trying to make our bottom line look as good as possible for the reporting this month. Sorry about that.
Me: You’re an ass.

I did say that last line. Probably not the best idea, but most things I say are not thought about first. Ugh. Luckily, he’s used to me and didn’t blink an eye. Now I need to step up the job search process (meaning actually start looking again). With how goddamn cold it is, I’m thinking one of those hot interactive shops in Brazil.

I Need To Censor Myself

14 Nov

At work, that is. I went down the hall to my boss’ office and asked if I could talk to him about that effed up email he sent last night. I closed the door. Sat down. Told him it was crap and that I’m bringing in more clients than the 2 biz dev jokers combined. As usual, he turned almost purple then started shaking uncontrollably. Maybe I shouldn’t have said his email was the “rantings of an insane man”.

This Is Not What I Envisioned

9 Nov

I’m used to working on the weekends. Hell, sometimes I even enjoy it. Okay, actually never. But usually I come in early and leave early, so I can have plenty of time at whatever bar I decide to grace with my presence. I thought this weekend would be the same. I was wrong.

Boss: Got some family things to do tomorrow. Let’s meet here at 6:30.
Me: 6:30am? On a Saturday?
Boss: No! I would never ask that. 6:30pm.
Me: Oh. Right.

The Cult Of Advertising

8 Oct

Move over, Tom Cruise. I’m now a leading member of the Church of Interactive Bliss. We had this extremely weird rah-rah lunch meeting with the entire office today. At the end (and I swear to god I’m not joking), everyone started chanting the slogan of our company and then started woohoo-ing. I started laughing uncontrollably, but after a glare from L. Ron our managing partner, I just shoved a chocolate donut in my mouth and shut up. For now.

Twenty Three

6 Oct

Yes, that’s how old I’ll be this week. Gaaahh. Ok, reverse the numbers and you might be getting closer. No, that’s the number of emails I got from our managing director by 10am this morning. And then with the slew of reply alls, I think my Blackberry is starting to smoke. However, I think he’s in a fairly good mood, which is rare, so I’m not that irritated by it. One of them actually said, “Great job on turning Client X into an AOR relationship. I really appreciate all the hard work you and your team put in.” That’s the second email this week I’m going to have dipped in gold. Good start to the weekend. Now if I could just shake this headache, I’ll be all set.