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This Is Only For The Bored

13 Oct

Or home with a wicked cold like me. I rarely get sick, but when I do, it’s invariably on a weekend (and goddamn it’s nice out) or during a vacation.  Never during the week when I could have the chance of avoiding frat boy‘s newfangled Caesar cut (yes, that’s right). Course not. Anyway, DHL has this new geography advergame promoting their….umm…I don’t know what they’re promoting, actually. It is kind of refreshing compared to UPS and FedEx who brand the shit out of everything they do online. But as a marketing effort, big waste of money on this – next time, put a little messaging, logos, links to what you’re selling, instead of only a sad little opt-in at the end of the game. By the way, US, Western Europe, no problem, but Eastern Europe? Fuck. Apparently, I’m turning into a typical American.

DHL Advergame

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I Miss You Terribly, Stella

8 Oct

We’ll be together in 12 short hours. I can’t wait to see your foamy head and taste your golden silkiness. Wait. Umm..what? I wasn’t talking to a beer just now, was I? I should never have let that prescription expire.

Yet another microsite from Stella Artois (by Lowe Brindfors) – this one, I’m not as fond of. It’s a series of advergames, set 600 years ago, which I seriously suck at. I can usually hold my own with any console game, but these took a few tries to figure out what to do (maybe I’m just not good at advergaming). Excellent job on sound design, streaming video and VO .

Stella Advergame

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I Amaze Myself Constantly

19 Sep

Usually, I defer to our strategic team in meetings to speak to branding, etc. Not because I lack strategic vision, but because I always end up saying something inappropriate. This morning was a role switch. I came up with a brilliant online strategy on the spot for my client (without caffeine, I might add) and my client said “butt plug” four times.

The microsite below for General Mills’ Eat Better America is brilliantly done. Subject matter, not compelling (at least to me). But what mono and Daddy AB did with it is what’s so fabulous. Engaging interactivity without losing the call to action.

The Good Food Fight

The World Doesn’t Revolve Around Advertising

11 Sep

Or does it? Will the world end if we don’t get this advergame out today? No. Will I lose my job? Yes. Am I having a nervous breakdown? Yes.

Update: I’m okay now. It’s amazing what a big piece of chocolate cake can do for you.

Update #2: I’m definitely okay now – the creatives pulled something great out of their ass, and now I’m happy. Still will be here FOREVER, but the client’s loving me.

Peyton’s 7 for 15

11 Sep

Commercials, that is. During the first Monday Night Football game last night, I swear I saw him in every other commercial. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Peyton. But Jesus Christ, he’s endorsing everything. Thought I’d visit the video-based microsite he stars in for Sprint, Manning’s Mind, where you match wits with Peyton on football trivia. Apparently, I know that there are 6 tiger stripes on the Cincinnati helmet. This knowledge must have been acquired by osmosis from watching last night’s game, because I damn sure know I don’t pay attention to that crap. I’m kinda bored by the site, but I’m positive it’s not Goodby Silverstein‘s fault, since they always do such engaging work. Must be the client. I’m just saying.

Peyton Sprint

Proofreaders Needed. No Experience Necessary.

28 Aug

Stopped at the store last night after dinner for something to get the disgusting taste of shrimp fried rice out of my mouth and decided to try the new 5 gum by Wrigley’s. Gum’s nothing special but the packaging looks like a some clove cigarettes I used to smoke in college. Checked out the website (by Fuel Industries) this morning and although it’s got all kinds of fancy schmancy video and advergaming, maybe they should have hired a proofreader, too. Last time I checked, “cobalt” doesn’t have 2 ells in it. Just sayin’.

5 gum

Saunas Remind Me Of…

27 Aug

…Ford Fiestas. Ogilvy had a really innovative idea with this one. You’d think they’d come up something better than a total rip off of Subservient Chicken (they did include a little advergaming element, so I’ll give them that). So disappointing.

Ford Fiesta

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The Case of the Coveted Optimization

26 Aug

I was on this morning hoping to see something I could afford (not even remotely), when I saw a very cute banner ad for SJP’s new fragrance, Covet. I clicked through and found a semi-interesting advergame/sweepstakes microsite. I was going to write about it. But after Googling “case of the coveted bottle”, I find this creative:

Google Covet

Nice optimization! I’m embarrassed for them. I hope Coty didn’t pay for SEO. Or I hope they did because that would make me laugh.

The Bionic Tart

22 Aug

I’m half excited about the Bionic Woman coming back on TV. I’ll never get to watch it, because I’m so popular and busy, but I’m sure it will be sorta cool. The microsite‘s advergames are actually fun for a minute. And when you’re done, the page rolls to the Sleep Number bed site.

Bionic Woman

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Can I Get A Funnel Cake With That?

17 Aug

Who would have thought that a glorified state fair would have such a superb interactive site? Grow Interactive (the agency that created Paloozahead) did a fabulous job on this one, with some very nifty advergames. I especially like the sausage one for obvious reasons.

Big State Games

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Burger King Goes Public School

15 Aug

Crispin Porter + Bogusky puts out another head upload thingamajig for Burger King, My Posh Twin. I do love these things, but I’m getting a little irritated that the technology hasn’t advanced. So October of 2005. Still, good times.

My Posh Twin

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Speaking of Perfume

10 Aug

Ads of the World is featuring this French interactive/advergame site for Amor Amor. If you don’t speak French (or just badly, like me) don’t worry – it’s pretty self-explanatory.  Besides its cute factor, it’s definitely what I’d rather be doing right now.  Totally hot.  Creative by grouek.

Amor Amor