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Day of Deadlines

26 Feb

There’s so much going on here today – sites launching, SOWs due, coffee to drink, people to harass, that I’m not sure where to start. I’m always fascinated by other interactive agencies’ sites. Ours is so boring and corporate I want to throw up every time I see it. But this one for Deadline Advertising is so very nice – love the way they incorporated video. I can see why they have an impressive list of film/tv studios on their client list. Take a look.

(via The FWA)

I’m 72% Sure I Love This

14 Nov

This reality site by 2 GS&P guys is fabulous, fabulous stuff. I hope they make a fortune from it. Read about it in the article from Adage – who knew a date with Lady Sovereign would spawn something so ambitious?

2 Husbands

A Saturday For The Books

10 Nov

There are very few Saturdays I wake up without a hangover. This is one of them. I don’t know whether to feel good about myself or pathetic. The fact that I was home by 10 on a Friday makes me lean towards the pathetic. But I could only take so much of my coworker’s posturing: “My creative vision is to take this client to the next gen of RFID interactivity, and only by working with my team can their goals come to fruition.” Seriously? I stopped taking acid 15 years ago.

What did give me a headache this morning is this absolutely horrible, terrible, no good, very bad YouTube viral for Casio that has a contest linked to it. Don’t watch it unless you’re already planning on taking painkillers in the next 5 minutes. This is another one I hope was done in-house, because I can’t imagine any agency wanting a part of this.

The Onslaught Continues

26 Oct

Fabulous banner by Capital C for the Dove Onslaught viral campaign. The banner’s fast loading, the tie in with the viral video is spot on and the interactivity’s not annoying. Great job. And I did decide what to do with my cosmetic surgery fund. I’m going on vacation to someplace warm, where I’ll feel self-conscious in a bikini and then wish I had spent the money on lipo after all.

Dove B

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The Land of Honey and Bad Acting

26 Oct

Honeyshed, created jointly by Droga5, Publicis Groupe and Digitas, launched yesterday. According to MediaPost (read the article here), it features “original sketch comedy clips and live programming built around consumer brands and aimed at an 18- to-30-year-old audience”. It’s obviously still in beta, because it doesn’t look like it’s fully flushed out yet. And this is just my opinion, but the videos could have been much, much better. They’re supposed to have a viral feel, but the production quality is too good – so it just looks like really bad acting. You be the judge, because I’m entirely too hungover to form coherent thoughts.


Zizou Is Back. Be Ready.

25 Oct

Ever since the last World Cup’s France/Italy scuffle, I’ve had a huge crush on Zidane. Orange has a campaign out (by Publicis Conseil) featuring Zizou with a rugby team – somewhat amusing. Take a look – they’re in French, but you’ll get the gist. The first 2 are Zidane preparing to join the team, the third is as if he’s in a real game. See more here.

Dior’s Cinderella Fantasy

24 Oct

Funktrip did this microsite (below) for Dior Midnight Poison. The videos are absolutely stunning (directed by Wong Kar-Wai), the sound design is perfect, but I think the site could have been so much more. Seemed a little compartmentalized – maybe should have expanded to fit your screen, full screen streaming, etc. In the bonus section, you have the option of downloading a widget for your desktop, which is basically…wait for it…a clock. And it will let you know if there are site updates. It looks pretty (by the way, design is very nicely done by Funktrip), but I thought widgets were supposed to help you be more productive and save time. Maybe I’m wrong. Go out and propose widgets to all your clients because they’re neat. Soon everyone will have a desktop full of crap they don’t use, but you’ll have a fat bonus in your pocket.

Dior Widget