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Drinks, Anyone?

17 Dec

I’ve been sitting in the same chair for 14 hours with the same 2 people sitting on either side of me…..ideating. I’m sure they’re tired of looking at me too, but I don’t think it’s quite the same. You know you’re tired when you tell your boss “that slide sucks..take it out. I can’t believe you even wrote that crap.”  Need alcohol now. Check out this Saatchi ad that was on FFFFOUND! for 42 Below vodka. I’m too tired to even think through the pictures, but it has something to do with drinking too much and cross dressing, so I automatically love it.

42 Below


Busy At The Shop Today

3 Dec

Sorry for the lack of posts today. I cannot get out from under the 3 client presentations due tomorrow. Help!

Wound Too Tight

24 Oct

I just walked out of a meeting to go over a project pitch for one of our largest clients. The presentation was entirely too copy heavy, so I mentioned to the creator of the pitch to add more visual elements, less text. His response to me was:

“Fine. Fine. Fine, fine, fine. FINE! FINE FINE FINE! You add your fucking pretty pictures. I communicate using words.”


Two Time Loser

22 Oct

I suppose that spending 4 hours in the office on Saturday and 8 hours on Sunday isn’t the best way to spend a weekend. I’m a fucking loser! But when 2 of your team members slack off and produce a less-than-stellar presentation for a Monday meeting, you gotta pick up the slack. How hard is it to pull research and translate that into relevant information for your client? Apparently it’s incredibly difficult because I think I screwed the presentation up even further. The only good thing about being at the shop on the weekend (other than finishing all the beer that was left in the fridge) is only a few devs are lurking around, so it’s fairly quiet. Speaking of devs and losers, I love this print ad for Axe.

Axe Print

(via Make the logo bigger)

After This Week’s Meeting

3 Sep

This is what I hope to be doing in my hotel room – cocktails, underwear, couch, in that order. Of course I don’t exactly look like this girl, but one can always hope. Hot print ad by &Co for jbs mens underwear with a never-truer tagline, “Men don’t want to look at naked men” (unless you’re my friend Mark, then you do).


(via Ads Of The World)

Oratio Horribilis

20 Aug

It wasn’t that bad. I made them laugh a few times and I only saw 2 people try to slit their wrists with plastic knives. And since it was being video taped, I had these awful lights in my face which were actually a blessing because I couldn’t see anyone clearly. The only part that was questionable was when I made a reference to baboons when talking about search strategies. I don’t know where it came from.  I really shouldn’t be allowed out in public.


A Bleary Eyed Tart

15 Aug

I’m completely fried and looking at another long night at the office with only the window washers to keep me company. There’s 2 enormous presentations next week – one a branding research study and the other a 26 million dollar media pitch. My problem is this: I have to present the research study to a very large group of people and my public speaking skills are appalling. And when I invariably hit a low point in a speech, I make off-color jokes for no apparent reason. So I ‘m writing down the exact words I’m going to say so that doesn’t happen. Outcome is not favorable.

Coffee Aspirin