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Day of Deadlines

26 Feb

There’s so much going on here today – sites launching, SOWs due, coffee to drink, people to harass, that I’m not sure where to start. I’m always fascinated by other interactive agencies’ sites. Ours is so boring and corporate I want to throw up every time I see it. But this one for Deadline Advertising is so very nice – love the way they incorporated video. I can see why they have an impressive list of film/tv studios on their client list. Take a look.

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Will Have No Trouble Finding Work

21 Jan

Not me, dummy. I’m having a terrible time with that. Apparently, no one needs a snarky bitch like me in their agency. I can be nice, really. Not often, but occasionally. This guy, Errol Schwartz, a senior in the New Media Design program at the Rochester Institute of Technology, will have agencies chomping at the bit to hire him. Check out his portfolio. Very nice everything. Needs a proofreader, but what good creative spells well anyway?

Errol Schwartz
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Resolutions: One Week In

6 Jan

Been pretty good with my resolutions so far. Especially the one which I resolved to never (well..almost never) drunk text. I was getting the feeling my texts were beginning to sound like what I imagine Britney’s do. So one week, no drunk texts. The secret? Leaving my blackberry in my car when I go out. Works like a charm although I have serious withdrawals from it for the first half hour.

This guy obviously did not make the same resolution as me. I used to work with him a few years ago on client side. I was passing by his office 2 weeks ago (my former company is my client, natch), said hello, gave him my card. Late Saturday night I get this Blackberry:

“Just dropping a note to say hello. And we should grab lunch or a bev sometime. Look to see what is outside this place. I is getting a little old. I am in chicago next week so maybe the next week we can work out something. Take care. M”

Nice guy, but I can just see him hunched over his bar stool at Chili’s drunkenly texting me while eating one of those greasy onion thingys. Ewww. I’ll help the guy out though. You know, Chili’s is the new golf course.


On a side note to Chili’s: Maybe you should seriously consider going back to GSD&M. In my opinion, Hill Holiday’s not cutting it just based on the superficial tour I took of your sites. The Honey Chipotle video….not necessary. In fact, scary. You can’t just throw a 30 second commercial into your site and expect that to automatically make it cool and engage customers. But you did – and how’s that working out for you?

Interactive Agency Interviewing

3 Jan

I’ve had a handful of interviews lately with different agencies around the country. It’s a lot like dating men. Here’s what I’ve discovered about them:

  • A new, startup with great talent but no big clients is like dating a guy putting himself through grad school and working at Starbucks. Eventually you’ll get tired of not being able to go to conferences or buy new software, even though you love the people.
  • Going to work as a consultant for an interactive agency is like dating a married guy. You know your contract will end one day and the agency will go back to its internal resources.
  • Working for one of the big independents being courted for acquisition is like dating a guy when you’re in Portland and he’s in Boston. You know there’s closed door meetings with lawyers and holding companies when you’re not around, you just don’t care unless it means you’re going to be fired.
  • Dating a hot guy with a great career who’s also a total jackass is like working for one of the larger agencies, like Avenue A. You get the perks that go along with the big brands and deep resources, but you also have to put up with pretentious creative directors, irritating sales people, HR and tons of red tape.

Is There Something I Should Know?

2 Jan

WTF. Duran Duran hung out at Leo Burnett sometime in the recent past? Why can’t this happen here? The most interesting person that’s been in our shop lately is the lady with one eye from the Chinese takeout joint around the corner. And John Taylor! I’d still do him.

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Hate Agency Partnerships. Hate Them.

18 Dec

Ugh. Just got a call from an AE at an agency that farms stuff out to us.

AE: Can you do 14 expandables with video by Monday?
Me: No.
AE: Why? Oh..and we need them sent to the ad serving firm by Thursday.
Me: Do you need us to do the video production?
AE: Yes. We have a couple of talent choices ready.
Me: Do you have a script?
AE: We thought you could do that.

Digitas and Avenue A Must Be Pissed

6 Dec

This article in Adweek KILLS me. I love it. I read it three times (although obviously it doesn’t apply to my company). It recaps a recent Forrester report that says digital agencies lack the ability to truly be strategic with their clients and still rely on traditional agencies to take the lead. No shit. One of these agencies in particular probably puts more thought into where they’re taking you to lunch than that interactive campaign they’re pitching to you next week.


How Not To Open A Phone Call

4 Dec

Another agency we’re working with on some pathetic e-commerce site calls me fourteen times yesterday – 6 of which were on my Blackberry. This jackass begins every single conversation with, “This is Phil from Los Angeles.” Not “Phil from XXX Agency” or just “Hey, it’s Phil”. Like I give a flying fuck you’re from Los Angeles.

I’m SO Glad I Don’t Work At Grey

4 Dec

Because if this is what happens to their creative directors when they have to move to another floor (the horror!), who knows how fucked up the rest of the shop is.

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We Get Along Fine.

1 Dec

Right. I peed my pants when I looked at this cartoon series by Pete Johnson about traditional and interactive agency relationships. This is so true. I am the douchebag after all.

Pete Johnson

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Ad Agency Ailments and You

2 Oct

I’m not the only one who has afflictions at the shop. While I’m shoving three Excedrin down my throat, there’s 4 people standing near me debating the merits of their sleep aids (I think I found a new one that’s “all natural” even though I’m typically averse to that concept). Down the hall, our new biz manager has a file cabinet full of antacids and our creatives are more addicted to Rockstar than I am. A colleague at a nearby agency always has a pocket full of little blue pills. And alcohol is a given (I’m quitting right after this last vodka rocks…). Seems we’re all trying to eradicate the feelings we’re paid to elicit in people to buy our clients’ products and services. It’s pedantic and boring, but spend more time observing the person next to you at the agency, and you’ll have the next great idea for your client. Trust me. Is there any more vodka?

All The Boutiques Will Soon Die, But I Hope Not

1 Oct

Every small interactive shop worth their weight now is being acquired by some behemoth agency network – we were, and friends who work at similar shops say they’re courted weekly by the giants for acquisition. WPP is close to capturing Blast, who I definitely wouldn’t say is boutique, but they’re independent, have an impressive revenue and were ripe for the picking. I’d say in the next two years, all the inventive, small shops will be owned by the big guys and we’ll be seeing a whole lot of sameness on the web. Our agency still tries to retain some of its small, agile goodness, but I see that slowly slipping away. Read the article on Advertising Age about the trend in acquiring digital shops here.