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Quitting Is For Quitters

3 Mar

I love blogging about advertising. I also love exploiting the idiosyncrasies and downright stupidity of my coworkers here at the agency. But I’m out of steam and considering giving up Agency Tart. Haven’t quite decided, but I’m sure after getting liquored up tonight, I’ll have made some kind of decision. Will keep you posted. Will also try not to drunk post, which is almost as bad as drunk texting.

I Don’t Want To Marry Anyone

21 Feb

I love Ted Royer’s (ECD, droga5) article on the Boards Magazine site entitled “I want to marry a producer“. It made me think that I should look for a producer to date too, as I could then be “self-indulgent, self-congratulatory” and “self-absorbed”. Oh. But I already am all those things. Which probably means I missed my calling as an executive creative director. Read the article…reminds me why I try not to date guys in the industry…just sleep with them (I kid..mostly). Ted could be attractive though…in that self-absorbed, self-indulgent, looks-like-a-frat-boy, typical creative director way.


Another (Mo)ron

19 Feb

More cover letter goodness. I’m going to wallpaper my office with this shit.

“I’m always the middle (wo)man…and I’m okay with that. Friends say I’m resourceful and family just say I’m nosy. To you that means a high performing interactive leader who sees the big digital picture with crystal ball-like clarity and problem solves with little or no guidance. I’m a strategic visionary who uses humor, finesse and gumption to secure buy-in at all levels. The rest? Well, you can see for yourself.”

Resourceful and nosy. Sounds like she’s a pickpocket in her spare time. Or my ex mother-in-law. Same thing.

UPDATE: I accidentally deleted a comment that asked what I think is a good cover letter. A good cover letter doesn’t sound as if it was copied out of Cover Letters for Dummies. If it uses industry terminology, it better be in context. And don’t be too quirky. Quirky’s fine in person – in an email it makes you sound psychotic and desperate. Attaching your bank routing and account numbers also works to garner my interest.

Finally, I Can Breathe!

15 Feb

Jesus, this week was extra-crazy. I’m back to my normal self today. Was traveling yesterday and sat next to this guy who decided to tell me all about his recent rehab stint and how he’s a history professor at NYU. Right. Then he mentioned his brother works at W+K and wants to move out here, so I gave him my card because I’m still desperate for people. Instead of an email from the brother, I get this:

Fucking Weirdo

Then, on Valentine’s Day, I get this psycho one-liner:


His brother better not fucking call me. I will reach through the phone and beat the hell out of him.

Totally Disappointing

14 Feb

Jeez YouTube. Get your friggin act together. When the most interesting thing at your party is Anderson Cooper, there’s a problem. And what was up with all the suits and ties? You looked like monkeys. Bad monkeys.Thank god for sweet, sweet liquor.


13 Feb

That’s how many times the word “content” has been used so far at this YouTube Videocracy thing.

Now’s The Time To Go Digital

6 Feb

I’ve interviewed too many people in the past 2 days and they’re all worthless. I’m at the point where I don’t give a flying fuck whether you know interactive or not. Just have a personality, and we can build from there. We can teach you UX. Can’t teach a sense of humor.

Managing Partner: What did you think of that last candidate?
Me: He was an asshole.
MP: Jennifer said he reminded her of me.
Me: Right. On to the next one.

A Gift From Heaven

4 Feb

Went out for Mexican with some friends on Saturday and after my 2nd shot of Patron, I stole a copy of the menu cover, because I just couldn’t resist. It’s possibly the best piece of POP I’ve ever seen. The header should go in the copywriting hall of fame. Enjoy.

Mexican Menu

A Jolly Green Pain In My Ass

29 Jan

Fairly funny little video from Firebrand saluting Superbowl advertising.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from firebrandbloggerexcl posted with vodpod

What’s A Girl To Do?

24 Jan

This has nothing to do with advertising or interactive, but the direction in this video for Bat For Lashes is amazing. I can’t tell whether it’s one continuous shot or not, but regardless it’s pretty cool. And disturbing. But more cool.

My Mind Is Filled With Meat

21 Jan

I never thought these words would come out of my mouth: watch this spot for SPAM, called Toastvertising. Been around for a few weeks, but I love what they did with the toast. Mmmm. Toast. I’m hungry. And there’s a weird ass microsite called The Pig Diaries, which is linked from The Book of Spam (reminds me of some mid-90s Monty Python PC game). I just watched the 3 videos on it…and had an acid flashback, which was fabulous. I petted a cow once while I was on acid. It wasn’t what I thought it would be. Creative by BBDO Minneapolis.

Not A Lot Of URLs Left, I Guess

18 Jan

It’s such a pain in the ass these days to think up clever URLs that are memorable, make sense and don’t have hyphens. Saw a banner ad for some soy energy-type bars on Popgadget and the URL at the end of the banner play was this:


It’s solely a vanity URL for tracking – it redirects to the main site, but jeez.