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19 Feb

Got forwarded this amazing site (amazing because it was created in a week) from a friend who works at Syrup.

“This website is a place where people can come together to be a part of something bigger than themselves. People are able to submit their photos (and eventually videos and words) to the site and become a part of our “collective video”; a digitally rendered mosaic super-imposed on the Yes We Can Song video. This is the first in a planned series of data visualizations that will explore human collective intelligence and collaboration in an effort to bring about change – in this case, the course of American politics.

This has been an unbelievable project to say the least: a song written and  recorded by multiple major recording artists, musicians and actors in 1 day; a video concepted, shot and produced 3 days and posted to the web, garnering nearly 30 million views in one week! …and finally a bleeding-edge website conceived, designed, programmed by Syrup and posted live on the web in 1 week.”

Blah, blah, blah. Whatever. Not really into the subject matter, but the concept’s definitely different and the creative’s fabulous (wouldn’t say bleeding edge but WTF do I know).

Hope Act Change

The Best Site. Ever. Seriously.

18 Jan

Our art director comes down the hallway, all moody and unshaven as usual, and says, “Can you come down to my office? I want to show you something. Have you ever played doctor? I read WebMD a lot. No, seriously though..” and then he and our ACD promptly show me this fabulous site called KnickerPicker. This is how video can really work for your clients in an ecommerce environment. Our AD and ACD like it because you can zoom in on half-naked women, pick from different size women and change their bra and panties. I like it because it truly is a virtual dressing room – without those silly avatars that have been used in recent years that were unwieldy and time-consuming. The girls are not half-bad to look at either. The guys here like the girl on the right, because she’s got a little junk in her trunk (not the girl below). Now I’ve got to go to the gym tonight and do 500 lunges. Or just eat a doughnut. No clue about the agency who did the creative, but if you know, please share. UPDATE: Creative by scenestealer – again, very, very nice work.

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This Might Work If I Was Drunk. No, Not Really.

10 Jan

I hate that I like this site for Lynx by BBH. I doubt anyone over the age of 18 would download the widget or the mobile app, but it’s still a clever site. Nice flash that actually does something. Videos are kinda funny too, in a there’s-no-way-that-any-sane-man-would-do-that-shit kinda way.

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Sometimes You Have To Use Union

3 Jan

I know. Your client requires non-union talent. Or you hate the residuals and you don’t really know the rules are for talent on the web. But jesus fucking christ people! Be a little more picky – especially for a new brand launch. Or else, you’ll end up with something like the hot mess that is this site. I guarantee this is talent provided wardrobe, too.

Red Plum

Drambuie Market Research

24 Dec

This is pretty imaginative (how long did it take to “ideate” this?) and a little too similar to a real focus group we had here at the shop a couple of weeks ago. We had to fog the room for an hour afterwards before any of the girls would sit on the chairs again.

Drambuie Research

Check Yourself

18 Dec

Who knew a site about testicular cancer could be so funny? The most amusing (and frankly weirdest) video is “Check Em”. Nice job by Struck for the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation.

Carpe Testes

It’s Gotta Be The Socks

17 Dec

Our creative director sent me a link to this site for Hertz by Publicis Digital today. He wrote “for some reason, I like it.” I like it because it’s a totally bizarre holiday piece for a rental car company. I’m pretty sure he likes it for the girls that tumble out of Santa’s car at the beginning of the clip. Nice job by the agency – and I’m impressed they got to feature their logo – who ever gets to do that!?

Hertz Holiday

A Little Death

28 Nov

Who knows if this is real or not – but it disturbs me just a little. You know I love me some French porn (and sometimes Swedish, it just depends on so many things..), but looking at this chick’s freaky orgasm doesn’t interest me. Jealousy is a bitch. Video for French condom company “King of the Condom” to support World Aids Day. This is NOT safe for work, unless you work somewhere like I do.

King of the Condom

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Someone Give Me Some Jewelry, Stat

27 Nov

This spot for an online jeweler speaks to me and now I know what I want for Christmas.

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Tart Tolerance

23 Nov

It’s that time of year when client-facing people like me have to take all their accounts out for holiday cheer. I cut back a little on my drinking recently, to detox before the onslaught. I thought I’d lost my tolerance. But after taking clients out on Monday afternoon and drinking very heavily (and by that I mean 10 hours of liquored-up goodness), I think I still have the goods. Bring it on. I’m ready.

This site for Wyborowa vodka by W+K Amsterdam is fabulous. Perfectly executed. Superb video work. Makes me thirsty. I think I’ll drink that bottle of ultra-premium vodka I just bought for a client instead of giving it to him. I’ll get him something a desktop clock..something he can use.


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I Miss You Terribly, Stella

8 Oct

We’ll be together in 12 short hours. I can’t wait to see your foamy head and taste your golden silkiness. Wait. Umm..what? I wasn’t talking to a beer just now, was I? I should never have let that prescription expire.

Yet another microsite from Stella Artois (by Lowe Brindfors) – this one, I’m not as fond of. It’s a series of advergames, set 600 years ago, which I seriously suck at. I can usually hold my own with any console game, but these took a few tries to figure out what to do (maybe I’m just not good at advergaming). Excellent job on sound design, streaming video and VO .

Stella Advergame

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Hand Me Your Stella And Fly

17 Sep

Wow. Nice site for Stella Artois by Lowe London. I’m impressed. And anyone who knows me knows I think everything is crap, so that’s a huge compliment. What I wouldn’t do to head to the pub at lunch and have a Stella and chips.

Stella Artois