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Should I Ski or Should I Go?

15 Feb

Today at lunch with a friend, I used the phrase “brand equity” and we weren’t even remotely talking about marketing. We were talking about her agency co-workers who think she’s a mindless idiot (she is). I got back to the office and decided I’m going to become a cutter. Maybe I just need a weekend away.

I love love love this expandable banner by Kelliher Samets Volk for Stowe Mountain Resorts. It’s one time I like creative that’s busy. Very nice flash – no loading – nice work.


There Are Other Agencies Out There

4 Feb

Seems I’m always writing about Glue. I’m in love with them. This interactive banner for the Mini Clubman, entitled Turn, seems simplistic at first glance, but it ends so very nicely.


Talent Provided Shoes

28 Jan

I like this banner by Glue for Virgin Money. Needs a little more set-up, but it’s kind of funny. The only things that are a little weird are the guy’s shoes, which were obviously not wardrobed and the shadowing at the bottom of the plant. A little tricky to get that right, I know.

Virgin Money Plant

Lather Me Up

22 Jan

How fabulous is this over the page ad Soap did for the film Jumper? It’s running on NineMSN right now – and just for a couple more days, I think. I wish more networks in the US would allow creative like this – especially on portal home pages (you know, for when your dumbass client wants to do an $400k ego buy) – would make things so much more fun for the agency.

(via The FWA)

I Love Glue. Gluey, Glue, Glue.

6 Jan

Glue London‘s a pretty talented bunch. I like them. And I don’t like anyone, so that’s something. Another cute banner for the Mini Clubman  – very, very nice video work.

Mini Smile

Time To Switch Vodka Brands

31 Dec

You know who you are. You love Ciroc. You’re a vodka connoisseur. But then you go to Perez Hilton and see it’s skinned with Diddy hawking your drink while wearing Carrera folding sunglasses and a ring left over from the Kay Jewelers Christmas extravaganza. “The Art of Luxury.” Please.

Ciroc Diddy

Hate Agency Partnerships. Hate Them.

18 Dec

Ugh. Just got a call from an AE at an agency that farms stuff out to us.

AE: Can you do 14 expandables with video by Monday?
Me: No.
AE: Why? Oh..and we need them sent to the ad serving firm by Thursday.
Me: Do you need us to do the video production?
AE: Yes. We have a couple of talent choices ready.
Me: Do you have a script?
AE: We thought you could do that.

The Hungover Tart

16 Dec

I might die at any moment from a hangover, if that’s possible. Who knew you could get so liquored up on spiced wine? And who drinks spiced wine anymore? Later in the evening, in a kind of mass gift exchange, I got a 1.5 liter bottle of Ciroc.  Like I needed more at that point…I only cracked it open for a sec, I swear.

So right now, this Australian banner by Tequila (figures…) for the Nissan X-Trail fits my mood – just like the crocodile I would bite someone’s arm off if they came near me right now. Unless they came bearing Excedrin, a bottle of orange Gatorade and something greasy. Then I might like them for a minute.  But only for a minute.

Nissan Xtrail

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Is That A Watermelon?

10 Dec

Sometimes there’s such a thing as too big. See banner below for the Mini Clubman. No clue who did the creative – but cute copy, nice interactivity.

Mini Clubman

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This Would Probably Be Recalled Today

29 Nov

Very cute interactive banner for Brazilian company Olympikus by DCS (apologies for no link – I can’t find it to save my life). Anyway…remember these things? When I was 7 I drank the water out of one and swallowed a plastic ring. I think it’s probably still floating around inside of me because my father said, “Don’t worry…I don’t think it will kill you” and then went on reading the paper.  I took that advice and applied it to many, many other things in my life.

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Bunny, Justin, Gus and Snoop

20 Nov

I love when banner creative is demographically targeted. When the creative team puts hours of strategic thought behind the look and feel. And the media buyers make a concerted effort to place ads on relevant sites.

Bunny State Farm


The Onslaught Continues

26 Oct

Fabulous banner by Capital C for the Dove Onslaught viral campaign. The banner’s fast loading, the tie in with the viral video is spot on and the interactivity’s not annoying. Great job. And I did decide what to do with my cosmetic surgery fund. I’m going on vacation to someplace warm, where I’ll feel self-conscious in a bikini and then wish I had spent the money on lipo after all.

Dove B

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