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Lather Me Up

22 Jan

How fabulous is this over the page ad Soap did for the film Jumper? It’s running on NineMSN right now – and just for a couple more days, I think. I wish more networks in the US would allow creative like this – especially on portal home pages (you know, for when your dumbass client wants to do an $400k ego buy) – would make things so much more fun for the agency.

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Will Have No Trouble Finding Work

21 Jan

Not me, dummy. I’m having a terrible time with that. Apparently, no one needs a snarky bitch like me in their agency. I can be nice, really. Not often, but occasionally. This guy, Errol Schwartz, a senior in the New Media Design program at the Rochester Institute of Technology, will have agencies chomping at the bit to hire him. Check out his portfolio. Very nice everything. Needs a proofreader, but what good creative spells well anyway?

Errol Schwartz
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The Best Site. Ever. Seriously.

18 Jan

Our art director comes down the hallway, all moody and unshaven as usual, and says, “Can you come down to my office? I want to show you something. Have you ever played doctor? I read WebMD a lot. No, seriously though..” and then he and our ACD promptly show me this fabulous site called KnickerPicker. This is how video can really work for your clients in an ecommerce environment. Our AD and ACD like it because you can zoom in on half-naked women, pick from different size women and change their bra and panties. I like it because it truly is a virtual dressing room – without those silly avatars that have been used in recent years that were unwieldy and time-consuming. The girls are not half-bad to look at either. The guys here like the girl on the right, because she’s got a little junk in her trunk (not the girl below). Now I’ve got to go to the gym tonight and do 500 lunges. Or just eat a doughnut. No clue about the agency who did the creative, but if you know, please share. UPDATE: Creative by scenestealer – again, very, very nice work.

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I Love Glue. Gluey, Glue, Glue.

6 Jan

Glue London‘s a pretty talented bunch. I like them. And I don’t like anyone, so that’s something. Another cute banner for the Mini Clubman  – very, very nice video work.

Mini Smile

Amsterdam Is Where It’s At

2 Jan

Seems all the latest and greatest interactive is coming from Amsterdam. ACHTUNG! has done some fabulous work (check out their site for more), but I love this site they did for Suitsupply. You have to watch carefully in some of the sequences, but the tarantulas and the fog kill me. Totally unexpected. Nice job. There’s a naked chick on a unicorn too, so you can’t go wrong with that.

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They’re Gonna Go Broke, But For A Good Cause

8 Dec

Resource Interactive has a very cool holiday piece called Guess The Gift out that you should check out. Basically, you guess what’s in a wrapped box on the screen, and for every 150 guesses, they’re donating an XO laptop to kids in developing countries through that One Laptop Per Child thingy. Nicely done creative and sound design, too. I should have donated a laptop instead of buying that stupid ass goat.

Guess The Gift

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I Didn’t Want To Like This

7 Dec

I’ve been putting off looking at this site for Zune Arts. I don’t know why – I think I’m adverse to Microsoft products in general. But wow. This is one of the most creative sites I’ve seen in a while. It’s not necessarily the site itself, it’s the artist-created content on the site. I can’t even pick a favorite one, because they’re all remarkable. Site built by 72andSunny. I think. Read an article about it here. Thanks, Ben!


A Holiday Ad I Actually Like

30 Nov

I’m so sick of Christmas advertising. If you work in an agency, you’ve probably been sick of it since May, when you had 5 kickoff meetings in a row for holiday campaigns. Or was that just me? This spot for a UK retailer, John Lewis, is both cleverly created and memorable. I can totally see an interactive component for this, but there’s not. Bah humbug. But in the spirit of the holidays, I do want to encourage you to make a little cocktail I call “JagNog” – 80% nog, 20% Jager. Sounds gross, but it’s sooooo damn good. Really.

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Not The Best Timing..

19 Nov have this promoted as SOTD on The FWA, but Wiretree did a bang-up job on the LA Film School site. Particularly love the Scout LA section – nicely done.

LA Film School

Early Morning Martinis

18 Sep

Just a thought. This flash site for Absolut featuring Lomo photography from around the world is simply beautiful. And don’t get me started on the ambient sound design – I’m just leaving it on at my desk all day even though it’s only a 7 second loop. Very, very nicely done.


Hand Me Your Stella And Fly

17 Sep

Wow. Nice site for Stella Artois by Lowe London. I’m impressed. And anyone who knows me knows I think everything is crap, so that’s a huge compliment. What I wouldn’t do to head to the pub at lunch and have a Stella and chips.

Stella Artois

Trying to reclaim my youth

16 Jul

I ordered a skateboard online this weekend to use around the office. Don’t ask me why – I know I’ll bust my ass as soon as I get on it! Our slate floor is nothing like a plywood half pipe.  I wish I were more creative and could think of another mode of transportation around the shop (other than walking – I’m a lazy bitch).

Speaking of skateboarding, the site for the upcoming XGAMES is very well done – tons of energy and great flash work without long loading times. I love the weird avatar-looking thing they did with the athletes’ eyes.  There’s lots of hidden stuff on the site – check it out when you have a chance.


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