Quitting Is For Quitters

3 Mar

I love blogging about advertising. I also love exploiting the idiosyncrasies and downright stupidity of my coworkers here at the agency. But I’m out of steam and considering giving up Agency Tart. Haven’t quite decided, but I’m sure after getting liquored up tonight, I’ll have made some kind of decision. Will keep you posted. Will also try not to drunk post, which is almost as bad as drunk texting.

Digital Aspirations

28 Feb

This is a broadcast reel for Digital Kitchen‘s 2007 work, but you can easily see this translated to the web. At least that’s what our agency is striving towards. Sofa king amazing. I’ve watched it twice already this morning.

Digital Kitchen

Why Can’t This Happen To Me?

26 Feb

Seriously. There’s not enough mile high action in my life. Invariably, I end up sitting next to someone who just got released from prison or rehab. One might assume I would go for someone like that, but ever since I got my chola tear removed I seem to be able to date men who’ve never lived in a halfway house. Creative by BBDO New York.

Day of Deadlines

26 Feb

There’s so much going on here today – sites launching, SOWs due, coffee to drink, people to harass, that I’m not sure where to start. I’m always fascinated by other interactive agencies’ sites. Ours is so boring and corporate I want to throw up every time I see it. But this one for Deadline Advertising is so very nice – love the way they incorporated video. I can see why they have an impressive list of film/tv studios on their client list. Take a look.

(via The FWA)

Preparing For Client Meetings

25 Feb

You know when you drink excessively at an incredibly boring Sunday night party and then take a sleeping pill (or 2 – you have a big meeting in the morning!), you pass out in approximately 2.3 minutes but then wake up at 4 am with the mother of all headaches and a tongue that feels like a marmoset with your clothes still on and two mascara rings on your pillow? No? Me either.

I Don’t Care You Went To Miami

22 Feb

There’s a girl in our shop who just got back from a client visit in Miami. She’s never traveled for work apparently because all she can do this morning is talk about taking her client out to dinner (probably to Red Lobster) and the hotel in which she stayed (the ultra-luxe Courtyard). Now I hear her down the hall telling everyone about the turbulent flight she had this morning. I don’t think it was turbulent. I think the person next to her probably made her uncomfortable by requesting a seat change because a) she told them her entire life story before take off and b) her extra voluptuous ass spilled over onto their seat while she explained, “I’m big boned.”

I’m Below Average

22 Feb

Like this site for the Swedish Armed Forces officer recruitment. Not sure who did the creative. It’s deceptively simple, but you can tell a lot went into the dev. Some v. nice papervision in there. And the sound design is fabulous – make sure you wear headphones or you’ll wonder what the hell I’m talking about. I took the test and the guy at the end said I’m below average. I’ll never be an officer in the Swedish Armed Forces. Dammit all to hell.


Tasks for Today

22 Feb

Single White Female, the AE from hell who’s completely delusional, is killing me.

SWF: It’s my birthday in 2 weeks, so can we go out for drinks tonight to celebrate?
Me: How many times are we going to have to do this before your actual birthday?
SWF: Four or five. {giggles like a 6 year old slow child}
Me: I have plans tonight. Going out with some friends to that new gastropub around the corner.
SWF: Ooooh. I want to come!
Me: No.
SWF: {says across the hall to my colleague} You know, I once thought my boss cared about me. Now it’s clear she’s just mean. I don’t think I want to be friends with her anymore.
Colleague: Were you friends to start with? How ’bout you grab me a donut from the break room?
SWF: {tears welling up} No one cares about meeeeee! It’s my birthdayyyyyyyy!

Time for me to find her a job in the media department where she’s far away. There she can wear her baby blue pashmina with matching sweater and pearls all she wants without making me vomit.


I Don’t Want To Marry Anyone

21 Feb

I love Ted Royer’s (ECD, droga5) article on the Boards Magazine site entitled “I want to marry a producer“. It made me think that I should look for a producer to date too, as I could then be “self-indulgent, self-congratulatory” and “self-absorbed”. Oh. But I already am all those things. Which probably means I missed my calling as an executive creative director. Read the article…reminds me why I try not to date guys in the industry…just sleep with them (I kid..mostly). Ted could be attractive though…in that self-absorbed, self-indulgent, looks-like-a-frat-boy, typical creative director way.


YouTube Is A Fad

21 Feb

Thoroughly frustrated with one of my clients today. Big client. Big, big, big client. I dare say that if you stopped a Torghut on his way across the Ala-shan plateau in the Gobi desert and asked him if he was familiar with this company, he would be. Then he would kill you and he and his falcon would have a nice dinner. I digress. Had a meeting with one of the mindless middle managers to discuss a YouTube ad we’d be doing for her group within this company.

Me: And that’s our concept for the ad. We’ll have to start production next week to meet the April run date.
Mindless Middle Manager: YouTube? Isn’t that where kids watch pornography on the internets?
Me: Ummm..well…actually the demographics are a little different. Your competitors have been using YouTube for over a year to reach your customers and are experiencing high interaction rates. Whether or not you personally like YouTube, it stands to reason XXX Corporation needs to have a presence there. Besides, it’s not a stand-alone initiative. It’s part of a larger campaign.
MMM: I honestly think all this video on the web is a passing fancy. No one in my circle watches video on our computers. It’s a kid thing. So we’re going to pass. I’m going to divert the funds to direct mail.
Me: Direct mail? So the campaign will have TV, a microsite, banner ads, event marketing and postcards? Your media team already booked the space, too.
MMM: It’s proven. The internets are not proven.
Me: I’m not going to argue with you. This whole internet thing might end tomorrow. You’re right.

Another (Mo)ron

19 Feb

More cover letter goodness. I’m going to wallpaper my office with this shit.

“I’m always the middle (wo)man…and I’m okay with that. Friends say I’m resourceful and family just say I’m nosy. To you that means a high performing interactive leader who sees the big digital picture with crystal ball-like clarity and problem solves with little or no guidance. I’m a strategic visionary who uses humor, finesse and gumption to secure buy-in at all levels. The rest? Well, you can see for yourself.”

Resourceful and nosy. Sounds like she’s a pickpocket in her spare time. Or my ex mother-in-law. Same thing.

UPDATE: I accidentally deleted a comment that asked what I think is a good cover letter. A good cover letter doesn’t sound as if it was copied out of Cover Letters for Dummies. If it uses industry terminology, it better be in context. And don’t be too quirky. Quirky’s fine in person – in an email it makes you sound psychotic and desperate. Attaching your bank routing and account numbers also works to garner my interest.


19 Feb

Got forwarded this amazing site (amazing because it was created in a week) from a friend who works at Syrup.

“This website is a place where people can come together to be a part of something bigger than themselves. People are able to submit their photos (and eventually videos and words) to the site and become a part of our “collective video”; a digitally rendered mosaic super-imposed on the Yes We Can Song video. This is the first in a planned series of data visualizations that will explore human collective intelligence and collaboration in an effort to bring about change – in this case, the course of American politics.

This has been an unbelievable project to say the least: a song written and  recorded by multiple major recording artists, musicians and actors in 1 day; a video concepted, shot and produced 3 days and posted to the web, garnering nearly 30 million views in one week! …and finally a bleeding-edge website conceived, designed, programmed by Syrup and posted live on the web in 1 week.”

Blah, blah, blah. Whatever. Not really into the subject matter, but the concept’s definitely different and the creative’s fabulous (wouldn’t say bleeding edge but WTF do I know).

Hope Act Change