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I’m Below Average

22 Feb

Like this site for the Swedish Armed Forces officer recruitment. Not sure who did the creative. It’s deceptively simple, but you can tell a lot went into the dev. Some v. nice papervision in there. And the sound design is fabulous – make sure you wear headphones or you’ll wonder what the hell I’m talking about. I took the test and the guy at the end said I’m below average. I’ll never be an officer in the Swedish Armed Forces. Dammit all to hell.


Officially Really F@&*ing Busy

11 Feb

I’m under water. Be back soon. I promise. Meanwhile, in the spirit of that mean and hateful pseudo-holiday, Valentine’s Day, here’s Virgin Mobile’s latest microsite, Let’s Have TXT. Creative by McKinney. I haven’t had text in months. My Blackberry is feeling a little blue.

Let’s Have TXT
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I Just Want To Take A Nap

10 Feb

Is that too much to ask? Why do I have to go watch the stupid ass Pro Bowl? Like anyone really cares about that game. I might as well start drinking now to preempt any boredom which I might suffer.

You’ve all probably seen the new IKEA bedroom commercials, but check out the microsite. Just as good as their kitchen one. Fabulous video work, beautiful editing, nice sound design. Can only assume this was done by the same shops: Forsman & Bodenfors/Camp David/Kokokaka, but not quite sure.

IKEA Bedroom

Hungover and Depressed

4 Feb

Not really depressed. More like disappointed over the Superbowl. Oh well..Brady is still really, really ridiculously good-looking even though he’s a loser. But I am hungover. A shot for every sack was probably not a good idea.

Site of the Day on The FWA is for Microsoft’s Office for Mac 2008. I’m impressed. It’s a total departure from traditional Microsoft microsite offierings. Illustrations are well done and the lateral movement makes sense. V. nice job by Firstborn  (as usual!) and McCann Worldgroup San Francisco.

Mac Microsoft

The Early Jack

28 Jan

This site, Early Jack, cracks me up for a bunch of reasons. It’s for Finnair and features a guy Joe, whose boss Jack, is out of town. He gets to screw around in his office while his boss is away. But because Finnair’s so quick, the boss comes back early. The way I describe it, it seems horrible and boring. It’s not. It’s a wonder I’m allowed to speak in front of people. Don’t know the agency who did the creative, but it’s good. Nice casting, too.

Early Jack
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I Had High Hopes For This

21 Jan

If you watched football yesterday (and what red-blooded American didn’t? Our entire creative department, that’s who), you probably saw heavy rotation of spots for Gatorade’s new low-cal drink, G2. I was so hoping the site was going to be amazing. Starts off great. Then totally fizzles. Says to wait for the Superbowl, so maybe that’s when the full site launches. It’s got floating balls though, so what else could you possibly want? Not a big fan of the United Way section – great charity, whatever. No one gives two shits about which charity their sports drink and spokespeople are involved. People just want to see something cool. Leave that for your corporate site.


This Might Work If I Was Drunk. No, Not Really.

10 Jan

I hate that I like this site for Lynx by BBH. I doubt anyone over the age of 18 would download the widget or the mobile app, but it’s still a clever site. Nice flash that actually does something. Videos are kinda funny too, in a there’s-no-way-that-any-sane-man-would-do-that-shit kinda way.

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Resolutions: One Week In

6 Jan

Been pretty good with my resolutions so far. Especially the one which I resolved to never (well..almost never) drunk text. I was getting the feeling my texts were beginning to sound like what I imagine Britney’s do. So one week, no drunk texts. The secret? Leaving my blackberry in my car when I go out. Works like a charm although I have serious withdrawals from it for the first half hour.

This guy obviously did not make the same resolution as me. I used to work with him a few years ago on client side. I was passing by his office 2 weeks ago (my former company is my client, natch), said hello, gave him my card. Late Saturday night I get this Blackberry:

“Just dropping a note to say hello. And we should grab lunch or a bev sometime. Look to see what is outside this place. I is getting a little old. I am in chicago next week so maybe the next week we can work out something. Take care. M”

Nice guy, but I can just see him hunched over his bar stool at Chili’s drunkenly texting me while eating one of those greasy onion thingys. Ewww. I’ll help the guy out though. You know, Chili’s is the new golf course.


On a side note to Chili’s: Maybe you should seriously consider going back to GSD&M. In my opinion, Hill Holiday’s not cutting it just based on the superficial tour I took of your sites. The Honey Chipotle video….not necessary. In fact, scary. You can’t just throw a 30 second commercial into your site and expect that to automatically make it cool and engage customers. But you did – and how’s that working out for you?

I Didn’t Want To Like This

7 Dec

I’ve been putting off looking at this site for Zune Arts. I don’t know why – I think I’m adverse to Microsoft products in general. But wow. This is one of the most creative sites I’ve seen in a while. It’s not necessarily the site itself, it’s the artist-created content on the site. I can’t even pick a favorite one, because they’re all remarkable. Site built by 72andSunny. I think. Read an article about it here. Thanks, Ben!


Like An Acid Trip…

4 Nov

…only it never ends. Or does it? I adore this site Poke London did for Orange, Good Things Should Never End. Conveys the “unlimited” marketing message without being starburst-y about it. Very, very nice. Only thing is, my piece of crap Mighty Mouse’s scrolling combined with this site makes my hangover just a wee bit worse. Must. Eat. Mexican. Soon.

Orange Unlimited
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This Looks Too Familiar

4 Nov

Check out this holiday minisite for Big Lots. Tell me the elves and the abominable snowman don’t look familiar (bottom pic) – I mean, that’s Bumble from the Island of Misfit Toys! This should be against the law. SBC Advertising did the site based on the upcoming TV campaign from Amalgamated.


Big Lots Snowman
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