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Preparing For Client Meetings

25 Feb

You know when you drink excessively at an incredibly boring Sunday night party and then take a sleeping pill (or 2 – you have a big meeting in the morning!), you pass out in approximately 2.3 minutes but then wake up at 4 am with the mother of all headaches and a tongue that feels like a marmoset with your clothes still on and two mascara rings on your pillow? No? Me either.

I Just Want To Take A Nap

10 Feb

Is that too much to ask? Why do I have to go watch the stupid ass Pro Bowl? Like anyone really cares about that game. I might as well start drinking now to preempt any boredom which I might suffer.

You’ve all probably seen the new IKEA bedroom commercials, but check out the microsite. Just as good as their kitchen one. Fabulous video work, beautiful editing, nice sound design. Can only assume this was done by the same shops: Forsman & Bodenfors/Camp David/Kokokaka, but not quite sure.

IKEA Bedroom

Reminds Me of Last Night…

22 Jan

…and I don’t want to be reminded of that. Luckily, I can’t remember much anyway. When I started drinking Jameson neat with a Guinness chaser, I should have known I was in trouble. Good times. Ad by Psyop/Stink/BBDO Dublin. As always, Psyop is amazing.

Psyop Guinness
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I’ll Stick With My Hangover Remedy. Thanks Though.

10 Jan

I’m pretty sure this is the transvestite hooker I see hanging out by the burrito place down the street.

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Light. Bad. Head. Hurts.

4 Jan

Never go to the gym totally dehydrated and then drink 5 glasses of wine afterwards. You will feel like ass. Trust me.

Speaking of…you have to give it to American Apparel. They’re consistent. “The Tap Panty.” HA!

The Tap Panty
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Love Vodka. Hate Ad.

22 Dec

Love me some vodka. LOVE it. In fact, I just had 4 Stoli rocks. And they were good. Screw that not drinking for a while idea I had earlier in the day. So while I was out at this joint down the street drinking said vodka rocks, I decided to try Absolut Pears. More like Absolut Shite. Only tried it because I saw this billboard ad on adrants earlier today. Don’t see what pears have to do with snakes. But I’m sure there’s some tie in. If I drink one more vodka, I’m sure I’ll get it.

Absolut Pears

Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That

8 Dec

Another print ad for Canadian Club by Energy BBDO. I like this campaign, actually. What I really like is the guy in the blue shirt on the boat. He’s some kind of sexual and it ain’t metro. Just look at him checking out sunglass guy’s ass. Next time you go fishing with your buddies, keep your tackle in your box.


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