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Preparing For Client Meetings

25 Feb

You know when you drink excessively at an incredibly boring Sunday night party and then take a sleeping pill (or 2 – you have a big meeting in the morning!), you pass out in approximately 2.3 minutes but then wake up at 4 am with the mother of all headaches and a tongue that feels like a marmoset with your clothes still on and two mascara rings on your pillow? No? Me either.

Send Me Some Lovin’

24 Jan

I can’t be bothered to find anything new and interesting in the interactive world today. Someone send me something. Still recovering from world’s worst hangover.

Bottoms Up

Too Early For This

24 Jan

Ugh. Seriously, I should remember not to drink heavily after going to the gym. Headache. Bad. Death sounds good. Actually, can someone fedex me some Boots Tension Headache Relief? Or a gun. Really. Not kidding. Speaking of headaches, Euro RSCG (Duesseldorf) did this ad for Thomapyrin. I’d say it was clever, but I can’t get the cotton out of my mouth to form sentences.


Shop’s Open On Monday

18 Jan

Could take the day off. It’s a floating holiday – why it’s ‘floating’ makes no sense, but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion. 3 friends at other agencies say their places are closing for the MLK holiday. None of my client’s companies are closed though, so I’m sure I’ll be answering some jackass emails and recovering from my Sunday football drinking binge (which I’m going to start on Saturday in anticipation). Here’s to hoping I’ll need tons of pain relievers and a gigantic cheeseburger come Monday. I just jinxed myself.

I’ll Stick With My Hangover Remedy. Thanks Though.

10 Jan

I’m pretty sure this is the transvestite hooker I see hanging out by the burrito place down the street.

(via AdverBox)

Light. Bad. Head. Hurts.

4 Jan

Never go to the gym totally dehydrated and then drink 5 glasses of wine afterwards. You will feel like ass. Trust me.

Speaking of…you have to give it to American Apparel. They’re consistent. “The Tap Panty.” HA!

The Tap Panty
(via Adrants)

A Saturday For The Books

10 Nov

There are very few Saturdays I wake up without a hangover. This is one of them. I don’t know whether to feel good about myself or pathetic. The fact that I was home by 10 on a Friday makes me lean towards the pathetic. But I could only take so much of my coworker’s posturing: “My creative vision is to take this client to the next gen of RFID interactivity, and only by working with my team can their goals come to fruition.” Seriously? I stopped taking acid 15 years ago.

What did give me a headache this morning is this absolutely horrible, terrible, no good, very bad YouTube viral for Casio that has a contest linked to it. Don’t watch it unless you’re already planning on taking painkillers in the next 5 minutes. This is another one I hope was done in-house, because I can’t imagine any agency wanting a part of this.

Like An Acid Trip…

4 Nov

…only it never ends. Or does it? I adore this site Poke London did for Orange, Good Things Should Never End. Conveys the “unlimited” marketing message without being starburst-y about it. Very, very nice. Only thing is, my piece of crap Mighty Mouse’s scrolling combined with this site makes my hangover just a wee bit worse. Must. Eat. Mexican. Soon.

Orange Unlimited
(via crackunit)

Too Many Donuts, Not Enough Grease

19 Oct

When you drink 3 gin and tonics and take an ambien right before bed, you invariably hurt pretty badly in the morning. Usually, my solution is to eat something incredibly greasy and fattening, and I feel better immediately. This morning, I didn’t have time to stop for any sausage-cheese-egg-hashbrown-biscuit goodness, so I was stuck with the normal 6 boxes of Dunkin’ Donuts in the break room. I ate 9 Munchkins and seriously think I could vomit at any moment. They were tasty going down, but gin and donuts don’t mix. Remember this, kids. Halloween tv spot for Munchkins below.

This Morning, I Kinda Wish I Was Dead…

12 Oct

…because then my head would stop hurting. So much for my promise of limiting my alcohol intake during the week. Got home at 2 and had to get up at 5 for an early meeting. Needless to say, I don’t remember much about that conference call. Thank god for the mute button or they would have heard me sucking on the last vestiges of my iced coffee and shaking multiple Excedrin out of the bottle.

Adrants posted this print ad for a funeral home that I think is pretty clever – copy says, “The truth is, at some point it becomes too late to pre-plan. Why? Because you’re dead.”

Funeral Parachute

You Think I Could Sleep After..

15 Sep

..the mindfuckery of this morning? Hell, no. I might throw up at any time though, so bear with me. Far too many gin and tonics last night.

What would really make me hurl right now is being forced to go to Wal-Mart. I break out in hives just driving past one. And if I go inside, it’s an immediate acid flashback from the sensory overload. I hear they’re getting a new tagline (“Save Money. Live Better.”) and toning down the use frequency of the smiley face. Yawn. But I love Gawker’s take on it.