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Why Can’t This Happen To Me?

26 Feb

Seriously. There’s not enough mile high action in my life. Invariably, I end up sitting next to someone who just got released from prison or rehab. One might assume I would go for someone like that, but ever since I got my chola tear removed I seem to be able to date men who’ve never lived in a halfway house. Creative by BBDO New York.

Hong Kong Phooey, Number One Super Guy

4 Feb

I promised myself I wouldn’t get into the whole Superbowl ad mess, but I really couldn’t pass this up. When I saw this last night, I spit my beer all over the guy next to me. It’s obvious Sales Genie’s in-house team is a group of the most open-minded, politically correct advertising geniuses on the planet.

Apple Commercials Still Good?

20 Jan

At least they’re branching out from the no-set-white-screen thing and adding in some interesting elements, like in this spot, titled “Not” – which looks like Mac and PC are inside a banner ad on the New York Times site. Creative is by TBWA/Epoch Films. Saw the Mac guy in Die Hard yesterday and I think I like him better in the commercials. Got that hot geeky goodness thing going on.

Psyop. Always Amazing.

11 Jan

They’re probably some of the most talented animators and designers around. Check out their spots for Adidas‘ sponsorship of the 2008 Olympics (with Stink and TBWA China) – amazing.

adidas olympics

Lose Weight, Get A New Job, Replace Your Dead Dog

7 Jan

All good New Year’s resolutions. Monster’s obviously really pushing the “get a new job” one – their commercials were on high rotation during football this weekend. Nice CG on this one – by BBDO.

A Car In Every Driveway

16 Dec

Those stupid ass big red bow “December To Remember” Lexus commercials irritate the hell out of me. Such bullshit. I’m positive there’s never been a time in my life when someone thought, “I’ll surprise Agency Tart and buy her a car for Christmas.” This is illustrated by the fact that I have received a lump of coal in the mail every December for 16 years from one of my relatives. No note. Just coal in tissue paper. So anyway…I can’t relate to the Lexus gift giving, even though I read some study recently that said people actually do give cars at Christmas. Infiniti’s got a holiday ad out now (by TBWA/Chiat/Day LA) that’s actually cool. The graphics are amazing. It’s still bullshit.

Infiniti Holiday

(via glossy)

A Holiday Ad I Actually Like

30 Nov

I’m so sick of Christmas advertising. If you work in an agency, you’ve probably been sick of it since May, when you had 5 kickoff meetings in a row for holiday campaigns. Or was that just me? This spot for a UK retailer, John Lewis, is both cleverly created and memorable. I can totally see an interactive component for this, but there’s not. Bah humbug. But in the spirit of the holidays, I do want to encourage you to make a little cocktail I call “JagNog” – 80% nog, 20% Jager. Sounds gross, but it’s sooooo damn good. Really.

(via Brand Flakes for Breakfast)

Teary-Eyed Tart

29 Nov

I’ve never been into basketball, but this spot makes me a little moist. In the eyes. Check out this spot (been out for a few weeks..I’m behind) with Dwayne Wade of the Heat for Converse (by Anomaly). I like it if only it’s because of the “Where The Streets Have No Name” sound-alike soundtrack.

(via Diablogue)

I’ll Have What She’s Having

23 Nov

Try to catch all the movie references in this brilliant new spot for Blockbuster by DDB Toronto. Blockbuster needed this. They also need a new business model, but that’s another story…

(via adgoodness)

Don’t Just Stand There, Let’s Get To It

14 Nov

How fun was this shoot for Sony (Fallon London)? I’m on a shoot today for a few hours and trust me, all I’ll be doing is loitering by craft services, sucking up to the client and checking my Blackberry for more evil emails from my boss. I do need a new video camera though for various Kardashian-like things (not really, but a girl can dream..), so I’m off to the store after work to check this one out.

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Fast Forwarding Through The Commercials

4 Nov

I’ve had zero chance to watch any TV in the past two weeks, so I spent a romantic afternoon yesterday with my TiVo. Finally got to see The Office episode, “Local Ad”. This  scene cracks me up – I now think our creative director occasionally channels Michael Scott.

Jim/The Office/Local Ad

Tart Schedule

30 Oct

I’m traveling the rest of the week, and will probably post some between meetings and wining and dining clients. Who the hell am I kidding? I’m not wining and dining clients – I’m going to be wining and dining myself at the hotel bar. Anyway, don’t expect anything remotely interesting, because I can barely do that when I’m in the office.

I absolutely adore this spot for Yellow Tail wine – different. And great job targeting a younger demo by Cramer Krasselt /Hampel Stefanides.

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