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I Just Want To Take A Nap

10 Feb

Is that too much to ask? Why do I have to go watch the stupid ass Pro Bowl? Like anyone really cares about that game. I might as well start drinking now to preempt any boredom which I might suffer.

You’ve all probably seen the new IKEA bedroom commercials, but check out the microsite. Just as good as their kitchen one. Fabulous video work, beautiful editing, nice sound design. Can only assume this was done by the same shops: Forsman & Bodenfors/Camp David/Kokokaka, but not quite sure.

IKEA Bedroom

What Are You Trying To Tell Me?

25 Jan

Someone forwarded me this print ad campaign from New Zealand (via NOTCOT). This is how my kitchen has looked on Sunday nights for 10 years. I don’t see what’s wrong with it. See the whole series here.

NZ Drunk

Drambuie Market Research

24 Dec

This is pretty imaginative (how long did it take to “ideate” this?) and a little too similar to a real focus group we had here at the shop a couple of weeks ago. We had to fog the room for an hour afterwards before any of the girls would sit on the chairs again.

Drambuie Research

Define: Anathema

22 Dec

So…yeah. Sorry about the lack of posts. I’m just now feeling better from Thursday night. Friends in town from another agency and let’s just say I should eat before drinking a bottle of wine and 3 martinis. Because by the end of the night I was telling people how I FEEL about them.

Me: You’re the best, ever.
Me: I love what you’ve done with your hair.
Me: I really like you.
Me: No. I mean I really like you.
Me: You’re moving to Brazil next week and you’re married?
Me: Stoli rocks, please.

WTF. So I’ll be back to posting this afternoon after I have some cocktails.

No Filter Day

15 Nov

There must be acid vapor being pumped through our hvac today, because everyone’s acting really, really weird. I’m usually the only one without a filter, but I’ve been in conversations today about prison rape and been touched in a very uncomfortable way by the IT guy. Needless to say I haven’t had time to post. And I’m traveling all day tomorrow. Promise to post tomorrow night. Screw that, I’m not promising anything. I’ll probably be at a bar by 5, drunk by 5:30.

I Don’t Remember Paris Being Like This..

26 Oct

..but that’s the point. Very cute mini-site for Lufthansa, called Rumor Travels which plays up stereotypes of different destinations. The videos are pretty funny. Maybe people do make out on the streets of Paris and I was just drunk the entire time I was there. That’s reason enough to go check it out again.


(via Adrants)


It’s 8:30 In The Morning

11 Aug

But I still want a half and half. I’m so susceptible to advertising. Or I just drink too much. This Guinness spot from BBDO is the culprit – doubly powerful with beer and ninjas.

On a shoot today..

10 May

So I won’t be posting a ton. One question though: why do all gaffers wear jean shorts? Is acid-wash a secret trend in their industry? The director on this shoot is a megalomaniac and I love him! The talent asked if we needed her to enunciate more and the director says, “that’s what we’re paying you for, isn’t it?” – it was the highlight of my day.

This Tanqueray viral piece featuring “Tony Sinclair” on YouTube has inspired me to stop by my friendly neighborhood liquor store after the shoot for my favorite crispy beverage. Screw it, I’m not waiting until afterwards. This would be much more fun drunk.

Coors Light’s Psychedelic Labeling Push

22 Apr

I began my alcoholic haze yesterday with a Coors Light (get off me for my beer choice – it sounded good on a hot patio). I noticed the bottle had the new label I’ve been hearing about with temperature sensitive ink. The mountains turn blue when the beer is ice cold, and slowly turn white as the bottle warms. Great choice of labeling at this time of year, and it becomes more and more interesting the more you drink. Now I’m going to get some Mexican food to end the agony of my hangover.

Coors Light

Patio days are here again

21 Apr

It’s 78 and sunny today so that can only mean one thing – overindulging on a patio somewhere. This is the absolute best time of year – drinking and skin cancer. Love it!!! In the spirit (hehe) of my favorite hobby, here’s two interactive banners working together for Jacob’s Creek wine (created by Dare, courtesy of BannerBlog).

Jacobs Creek

Week’s Over

17 Mar

Woke up this morning and was so glad it was Saturday until I looked at my Blackberry. One call from our CEO (probably wondering if I got sign off on my 2 outstanding SOWs) and 87 emails. One email was from a potential side client of an existing client of mine. She wants me to put together yet another PowerPoint about why and when to to buy online media – and I’ve already sent her 3 others. It’s a potentially good buy (over 700k), but I’ve spent over 9 hours this week devising ways for her to sign off. Fortunately, I didn’t bring my laptop home this weekend, so I can’t work on it – I have a Mac at home without PowerPoint. So convenient.

How exciting is it that today, Saturday, is St. Patrick’s Day? Not that I need an excuse for barhopping on weekends. Have you noticed that there hasn’t been a ton of advertising for it this year? Seems to be declining – you’d think the beverage industry would get all gooey inside thinking of all the binge drinking they could inspire.