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The Takeover Cometh, The Final Episode

8 May

It was announced finally! But I’m a little depressed because I don’t have that smug feeling anymore. I’ll have to find something else to be a pompous bitch about. Anyway, it’s very exciting, not at all what anyone expected and I still can’t tell anyone outside the agency.

Just found out this morning that my largest project hasn’t been worked on in over 2 weeks, although the creatives lied through their teeth and said they were hammering away at it. Now I have to go back to the client and make up another lame excuse. My aunt in Moline has died three times already, so can’t use that one.

Everybody wants to do the latest ultra-rich media ads, but a rotating gif can be just as interesting. I was perusing dlisted this morning, getting my daily dose of celebrity crap (it’s truly a wonder we haven’t gone the way of the Roman Empire), and saw a black and white skyscraper banner for a new gossip site called Dotspotter. It rotated text (below) like “Linsday goes commando” and “Britney needs to stop”….and that’s all. Less is more people.



The Takeover Cometh

1 May

As I was limping out of work at 8:15 last night,  I noticed the conference room door was shut and the suits that had been in there all day were still there.  I had heard them earlier on their cells in the hallway whispering in their fancy European accents.  The accents made me want to sleep with half of them, but that’s another story. The announcement is coming tomorrow and I still don’t know who’s taking us over.  I hope they impose their Euro-trash, advertising agency dress codes on us so I can wear long skinny black scarves and pointy shoes.  More to come.

Agency Acquisition?

11 Apr

Rumblings around the shop today that we’re being acquired by a bigger and better agency. And then I happened to be picking something off the copier and out comes confirmation! It was an email our CEO was printing out, which I stealthily read, that was apologizing to a friend for being “out of pocket” (blecch – corporate speak already) because getting our agency’s ducks in a row for the acquisition was taking up a lot of his time. I, for one, can’t wait to see who’s acquiring us! Keep you posted. In the meantime, check out this rich media banner (kiss, below) you can interact with, advertising Rimmel lip-plumping lip gloss, from PointRoll‘s site. And I like the lipstick blot – reminds me of Britney Spears new wrist tattoo. Eewww. Why do I know that?