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Can You Endorse Me?

9 Jan

No, I can’t fucking endorse you. I fucking hate LinkedIn. Leave me the fuck alone.

Anyway, LOVE this site by mono and unit9 for an upcoming AMC series, Breaking Bad. Nice video work and sound design. Especially like the gun as the loader.

Breaking Bad
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Just A Matter Of Time

6 Dec

We all know this is going to happen. Everyone in the interactive ad biz is going to make sure all their clients buy off on all this crap before the bubble bursts. I just hope all my 2008 SOWs get signed soon.

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LinkedIn Is For Losers. That’s You.

29 Nov

Okay…I admit, I’m on it. But only because our former SVP made the entire agency get on. Now with all the talk of News Corp. possibly buying it, everyone is buzzing about it again. I’m irritated that you can put your photo on there now. One of our guys here has his agency “glamour shot” posted and I want to hurl. Our MD was apparently looking at my profile yesterday and sent me this email:

Just saw that you have 483 contacts. 17 more and you get a set of steak knives.”

Now who’s the loser? Me.

All The Makeup In The World…

10 Oct

…would not help me this morning. Let’s just say I over-indulged last night and keep it at that. This banner for Boots 17 new makeup line by Jonathan Saunders is nice, although I would have had a little more interactivity – could have been fun (and why does the video automatically start playing if you don’t interact?). The banner links to a MySpace page where they’re looking for user generated content for the chance to win the line and your own product. The CSS made me dizzy, but that’s because I’m probably still drunk. Banner by hubbub.

Boots 17

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What Am I Doing Tonight?

13 Sep

There’s no question. At 10pm, I’ll be on the couch, drink in hand, watching It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I’m in love with this show. I want to marry this show. FX is doing a HUGE advertising push for this, from a mobile bar driving around LA to frequent email messaging, and MySpace wasn’t left out. It’s Always Sunny’s page is pretty slick (for MySpace, that is) – nice job by the agency.

UPDATE: Didn’t make it home in time. Watched it on TiVo at 1am. Not as good as last season. Soooo disappointing.

Social networking is for losers. Mostly.

2 Jul

But I still want an invite to ASMALLWORLD. Would someone be a pal and send me one at

Social Networking Bandwagon

17 Apr

Yesterday our agency had a meeting to determine which social networking sites we can create pages on to show as examples to clients. Some that were brought up were Virb (which has Bright Eyes on the home page today!),, Kaneva, MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Xanga, etc. We’re too late! The bandwagon’s long gone and is not taking any more passengers – we could have bought tickets a year ago, but not now. We’re still going to do it, but I think it would be a mistake for our clients (mostly Fortune 20s) to create profiles on these sites. One, their demographic isn’t necessarily participating, and if they are, they don’t want to be “friends” with a corporate behemoth who only wants their email address for marketing purposes. Second, a lot of retailers are already doing it and seeing backlash. But my job’s not to opine on these dilemmas, it’s to make the client believe that this is the correct path and to get them to write us a big fat check to design and market their page! I wonder if any corporation has really seen a lift in awareness, sales or leads using social networking as a marketing tactic – Aquafina has 14,000 some friends on MySpace, but has this really prompted someone to buy the water? I’d be willing to bet my new Kate Spades not. Okay, I wouldn’t bet my Kate Spades. Maybe I’d bet my old Target flip flops. Take a look at their page and see what you think: