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I’m Below Average

22 Feb

Like this site for the Swedish Armed Forces officer recruitment. Not sure who did the creative. It’s deceptively simple, but you can tell a lot went into the dev. Some v. nice papervision in there. And the sound design is fabulous – make sure you wear headphones or you’ll wonder what the hell I’m talking about. I took the test and the guy at the end said I’m below average. I’ll never be an officer in the Swedish Armed Forces. Dammit all to hell.


Happy Xmas (Work Is Over)

23 Dec

Work is over for some of us. Why my agency is open on Christmas Eve is beyond me. None of my clients are in their offices all week. I do need a papervision piece finished up this week, but I don’t really need to be there for that, do I? What else do I have to do though? My family has deserted me and my friend who I always spend some part of Christmas day with eating Chinese has now decided to surprise her boyfriend in Seattle. Whatever. I officially hate Christmas this year. But for those of you who don’t, here’s my happy and peaceful Christmas playlist for you. Enjoy. Now go spend time with your fucking families.

Xmas Playlist