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Week’s Over

17 Mar

Woke up this morning and was so glad it was Saturday until I looked at my Blackberry. One call from our CEO (probably wondering if I got sign off on my 2 outstanding SOWs) and 87 emails. One email was from a potential side client of an existing client of mine. She wants me to put together yet another PowerPoint about why and when to to buy online media – and I’ve already sent her 3 others. It’s a potentially good buy (over 700k), but I’ve spent over 9 hours this week devising ways for her to sign off. Fortunately, I didn’t bring my laptop home this weekend, so I can’t work on it – I have a Mac at home without PowerPoint. So convenient.

How exciting is it that today, Saturday, is St. Patrick’s Day? Not that I need an excuse for barhopping on weekends. Have you noticed that there hasn’t been a ton of advertising for it this year? Seems to be declining – you’d think the beverage industry would get all gooey inside thinking of all the binge drinking they could inspire.