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Should I Ski or Should I Go?

15 Feb

Today at lunch with a friend, I used the phrase “brand equity” and we weren’t even remotely talking about marketing. We were talking about her agency co-workers who think she’s a mindless idiot (she is). I got back to the office and decided I’m going to become a cutter. Maybe I just need a weekend away.

I love love love this expandable banner by Kelliher Samets Volk for Stowe Mountain Resorts. It’s one time I like creative that’s busy. Very nice flash – no loading – nice work.


Hate Agency Partnerships. Hate Them.

18 Dec

Ugh. Just got a call from an AE at an agency that farms stuff out to us.

AE: Can you do 14 expandables with video by Monday?
Me: No.
AE: Why? Oh..and we need them sent to the ad serving firm by Thursday.
Me: Do you need us to do the video production?
AE: Yes. We have a couple of talent choices ready.
Me: Do you have a script?
AE: We thought you could do that.

I Should Start Working Out

10 Aug

Usually I try to exhibit some kind of quality in the ads I bring you, but seems this week I’m taking a little break from that. Saw this banner (below) on Hollywood Rag and was intrigued – while doing kegel exercises you’re supposed to jump in the air? Shit. I think I’ve been doing them wrong this whole time.

Anyway, please don’t tell me this ad gets high CTR. It probably does while our shop spends weeks and tens of thousands of dollars creating what we think will be the next Virgin Ballerina.

Usually I wouldn’t link through on an ad like this since it’s paid, but you’ve gotta see what this kegel exerciser thing looks like. I think I have a similar model – except for some reason mine has a rabbit on it.


Everyone Loves A Dominatrix

2 Jul

I know I do. Everything in moderation. Clever ad for Terra by DDB for online parental controls.  Problem is, I was told that photo of me was going to be “private”.


(via BannerBlog)

Canadians Drink Bud Light?

28 Jun

Don’t Canadians drink real beer? But maybe that’s why Bud Light needed to hire Provokat to make this fun advergame/expandable banner ad for them. Fun ad, slow at times and I don’t get the wheelbarrow thing, but nice job. And the guy seriously needs to see a chiropractor – he’s got an unsightly hunchback thing going on. That Sheldon Souray guy on the mock page is another story…even if he had a hunchback, I’d still do him.

Bud Light

(via BannerBlog)

Do We Need It?

25 Jun

When browsing around Popgadget today, I saw this expandable, video-in-banner ad for Rimmel Light Beam Lip Gloss. I bet this ad cost under 20k to make, but it’s still an eyecatcher. But why do you need a light on your lip gloss? There’s only one situation I can think of where it would be really dark and you’d need to reapply lip gloss. Get your mind out of the gutter – it’s after you’ve finished your Starbucks in the early morning. The banner leads to a myspace page, which I was totally prepared to hate, but it’s actually kind of cute and way cheaper than a microsite. I just wish they had used Kate and Pete as their models – I seriously would have rushed to the store immediately for some gloss and syringes.


Smack, Smack, Smack

21 Jun

Everybody’s talking smack today at the office and I’ve about had it – I so wish that lady down the hall would turn up her Yanni so I could calm down. I needed a same day turnaround for a comp change and the creatives basically told me they were too busy and to push back on the client. The change was this: change the words “Contest Starts 7/15/07” to “Sweepstakes Begins June 15th” and change a button from green to red. Yeah, that takes more than a day. So what did I do? I opened Illustrator and made the change myself, boarded up the comp and then got reamed by the art director for not “keeping creative with the creatives”. Eff off, jackass.

Maybe I’m not really mad. Maybe I’m having an epileptic seizure from this Audi expandable-on-rollover banner I just saw on BannerBlog. I love it though – definitely will get attention on the page. Great job by DoubleYou in Barcelona. Check out their site, too – very clever.

Audi TT Banner

Technical Ineptitude

15 Jun

A national promotions agency wants us to partner with them on some microsites for professional sports teams.  We went to their offices this morning to show off our stuff and it was possibly the most embarrassing presentation of my life.  Our senior managing partner, our new biz manager and I were there, with our senior guy (Jack) doing the talking.  He couldn’t even set up the projector.  It took him 17 minutes (I timed it).  He looked like a total retard. I didn’t help because I’d just have been in the way. Right.  I don’t think we’ll be getting the business.

Jack would never be able to play Guitar Hero.  iFood did this killer expandable/interactive banner for Guitar Hero II – I love the KISS looking guy.  And it loads quickly and actually does something when you interact with it. Novel!

Guitar Hero

(courtesy of BannerBlog)

Miserable and Pouty or Advertising Snobbery

14 May

We’re partnering with another agency in town on a campaign for a big insurance company and we had our weekly meeting at their offices this morning. Every time I go there it’s like I’m walking into the east wing of the Vatican library – hushed voices and priestly black. No one ever smiles – not sure its the I’m-a-creative-genius-f@#%head front or if they all just hate their jobs. I cracked wise over death and dismemberment insurance and didn’t even get one smirk.

Emerald Nuts seriously has weirdest banner/microsite campaign I’ve seen in a long time. Does anyone under 35 actually know who Robert Goulet is? In the banner you get to crush him with a container of nuts, so that’s fun, but otherwise the concept is bizarre. The banner links to the nut site, but then there’s this sub-site called Goulet’s Snooze Bars, which I think killed a few thousand of my brain cells. See for yourself. I hope they don’t think this thing is gonna be viral – it’s viral like our project manager’s last bout with chlamydia. Has anyone seen the TV commercials?


Agency Acquisition?

11 Apr

Rumblings around the shop today that we’re being acquired by a bigger and better agency. And then I happened to be picking something off the copier and out comes confirmation! It was an email our CEO was printing out, which I stealthily read, that was apologizing to a friend for being “out of pocket” (blecch – corporate speak already) because getting our agency’s ducks in a row for the acquisition was taking up a lot of his time. I, for one, can’t wait to see who’s acquiring us! Keep you posted. In the meantime, check out this rich media banner (kiss, below) you can interact with, advertising Rimmel lip-plumping lip gloss, from PointRoll‘s site. And I like the lipstick blot – reminds me of Britney Spears new wrist tattoo. Eewww. Why do I know that?


My sk8r chick youth, banner-style

10 Apr

Tony Hawk was my hero in high school (don’t ask how long ago that was..). Now that I’m not a swingy-haired skater poser anymore, I play the Tony Hawk video games and pretend I can still do an ollie. Eyewonder has a rich media banner on their site (teaming with 65media) for Tony’s latest game, Project 8, where you can “nail the trick” using your mouse. At first, I kept opening and closing the expandable, but finally I nailed the trick of keeping it open. If you can too, you’ll like the ad.

Tony Hawk Project 8