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Digital Aspirations

28 Feb

This is a broadcast reel for Digital Kitchen‘s 2007 work, but you can easily see this translated to the web. At least that’s what our agency is striving towards. Sofa king amazing. I’ve watched it twice already this morning.

Digital Kitchen

Impressive Stuff

24 Jan

If you don’t love firstborn‘s (Los Angeles) site, you’re an idiot. Fabulous UX. But what’s really impressive is they have the balls to show their interactive work all the way back to 1997. Good on them.


Way Better Than Most Agency Sites

7 Jan

Sometimes I don’t get why some digital agencies have boring, corporate sites (read: ours). digit london‘s site is refreshing. And their work is not half bad either (read: really, really good).


Why Can’t This Be Us?

23 Dec

We’re refreshing our agency’s site for the 8 kazillionth time. It’s never going to be finished. One minute you see our managing director peering over the shoulder of a designer making “suggestions” (which means you make the change or you’re out of a job) and the next the ECD telling the designer to change it back. All I know is our site looks way too boring for the work we do. Love Cheval de Troie‘s customizable site. Typical Parisian interactive goodness.

Cheval de Troie
(via The FWA)

Digitas and Avenue A Must Be Pissed

6 Dec

This article in Adweek KILLS me. I love it. I read it three times (although obviously it doesn’t apply to my company). It recaps a recent Forrester report that says digital agencies lack the ability to truly be strategic with their clients and still rely on traditional agencies to take the lead. No shit. One of these agencies in particular probably puts more thought into where they’re taking you to lunch than that interactive campaign they’re pitching to you next week.


Just A Matter Of Time

6 Dec

We all know this is going to happen. Everyone in the interactive ad biz is going to make sure all their clients buy off on all this crap before the bubble bursts. I just hope all my 2008 SOWs get signed soon.

(via Make the logo bigger)

All The Boutiques Will Soon Die, But I Hope Not

1 Oct

Every small interactive shop worth their weight now is being acquired by some behemoth agency network – we were, and friends who work at similar shops say they’re courted weekly by the giants for acquisition. WPP is close to capturing Blast, who I definitely wouldn’t say is boutique, but they’re independent, have an impressive revenue and were ripe for the picking. I’d say in the next two years, all the inventive, small shops will be owned by the big guys and we’ll be seeing a whole lot of sameness on the web. Our agency still tries to retain some of its small, agile goodness, but I see that slowly slipping away. Read the article on Advertising Age about the trend in acquiring digital shops here.