Digital Aspirations

28 Feb

This is a broadcast reel for Digital Kitchen‘s 2007 work, but you can easily see this translated to the web. At least that’s what our agency is striving towards. Sofa king amazing. I’ve watched it twice already this morning.

Digital Kitchen

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  1. Darcie March 5, 2008 at 5:11 am #

    DK first came to my attention with their Dexter intro and I was unaware of how many other things they had done that I have seen.

    Being in the UK we do, unfortunately, miss out on some of their commercial genius – other various Ad blogs and via the illustrious YouTube – I like to refer to it as Ad Porn – and I am an addict. Hello.

    This is a brilliant reel and definitely something worth striving for. Maybe find a way to play it subliminally in the office all day every day?

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