Anonymity Is Priceless

5 Feb

Agency Spy asks why some advertising bloggers are anonymous, including me. Daily Biz pretty much sums it up (although I don’t have a handsome AE on which I have a crush), although I have a couple to add:

  • I’d most definitely be fired. Immediately. You can’t really cut and paste internal emails on the internet and have your boss be okay with that.
  • Some of my clients may not be cool with me calling them idiots. Some would, but they’re idiots.
  • My co-workers would turn against me and make my life miserable. Not much change from the present though.
  • And contrary to popular belief, I really like my company. If I were out of the closet, they probably wouldn’t really like me.
  • I wouldn’t get to stay at The Viceroy every 3 weeks on the company dime. That’s reason enough.
  • Could I wax poetic about interactive agencies without my opinions being associated with my shop? No. Do I wax poetic now? No. But I might.

One Response to “Anonymity Is Priceless”

  1. Hank Grebe February 14, 2008 at 2:12 pm #

    Stumbled across your blog and I like what you are doing. You are gutsy and funny. I’m from NY and spent time in the South, and yeah they have a good lock on funky, “down to Earth” road signs.

    Best regards,

    The Media Spinner

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