Who Can Use Rich Media?

18 Jan

Seems each presentation we do for a client about xx number of people can use rich media/video on the web contains some kind of stats like the ones below from eMarketer. I haven’t found any consistency whatsoever in statistics like these – some say 80% of households have broadband, some say 50%. So agencies just use the ones that can help them sell in a project, because no one really knows what the actual numbers are. Not that I would do that.


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  1. Ryan January 18, 2008 at 11:25 am #

    I believe the 80% is internet connected computers with broadband and the 50% is total households with broadband.

    Not everyone is connected to the internet, but of those that are — 80% are on broadband and the other 20% are prob the same folks who are rocking out with the disc they got in the mail back in ’01.

    The top rich media companies were born when broadband was under 50% for all internet connected computers, so in theory narrowband users should get some sort of a rich media experience, even if takes a second or two longer to load and the video is not at encoded at the top frame rate and with a lower bit rate.

    We see 90+% high broadband in on our campaigns, but still serve a narrowband rich media experience for each creative.

    Now go sell your soul the project.

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