We’re Gonna Have To Re-Shoot

4 Jan

Client doesn’t show up for a shoot for their site. Doesn’t have time to look at the raw footage on client review. Sees work in progress site today with embedded video.

Client: I don’t like that her shirt is green.
Client: Why is there a red bowl on the coffee table?
Client: What is that log doing in the fireplace?
Client: Can you airbrush that out?
Me: We can do a lot of things in post, but it will be additional editing hours that are out of scope.
Client: Can’t you just do that in Photoshop?
Me: We can re-shoot the whole thing if you want.
Client: Can we do that on Monday?
Me: No.
Client: I still want the site to go live next Wednesday.

The Scream

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  1. LimitedTimeOffer January 7, 2008 at 6:04 pm #

    Fantastic, classic client-ing. I’m thinking of swapping sides just so I can be ridiculous all day long.

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