Interactive Agency Interviewing

3 Jan

I’ve had a handful of interviews lately with different agencies around the country. It’s a lot like dating men. Here’s what I’ve discovered about them:

  • A new, startup with great talent but no big clients is like dating a guy putting himself through grad school and working at Starbucks. Eventually you’ll get tired of not being able to go to conferences or buy new software, even though you love the people.
  • Going to work as a consultant for an interactive agency is like dating a married guy. You know your contract will end one day and the agency will go back to its internal resources.
  • Working for one of the big independents being courted for acquisition is like dating a guy when you’re in Portland and he’s in Boston. You know there’s closed door meetings with lawyers and holding companies when you’re not around, you just don’t care unless it means you’re going to be fired.
  • Dating a hot guy with a great career who’s also a total jackass is like working for one of the larger agencies, like Avenue A. You get the perks that go along with the big brands and deep resources, but you also have to put up with pretentious creative directors, irritating sales people, HR and tons of red tape.

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  1. Cam Beck January 3, 2008 at 9:34 am #

    Keep your head up. Finding the perfect place to work, I hear, is a lot like finding the perfect church. Once you show up, it’s no longer perfect. 😉

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