Harder Than It Looks

3 Jan

The team for one of my accounts sat around for 6 hours trying to decide on appropriate music for a sizzle reel. Not even a website or a tv spot, but a goddamn sizzle reel. Our managing partner popped his head in the door and suggested the Little River Band or 10,000 Maniacs. We laughed maniacally and told him to fuck off until we realized he was serious. When we picked a song by Broom, he told us “it sucks and you guys have no taste”. We knew then it was the right choice. Adtunes latest post is the Top Ad Music of 2007. Pretty interesting stuff. Bitter: Sweet got the top spot for most used and the Little River Band is nowhere in sight. Here’s the songs we binned for the sizzle reel. Some are readily apparent why – but who really cares if The Martin Agency already used Such Great Heights for UPS?

Sizzle Reel Playlist
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