Welcome Back To Agency Hell

31 Dec

I’m not in the office today. I decided to work from home since there are a total of 5 people planning on being there anyway. However, one of the agencies that we work with has decided they need new graphics on the landing page of a client’s site by EOD. I laughed, then there were tears, then I told them to go to hell.

Me: Love to help, but it’s a little late notice guys. I think half the designers are drunk or stoned by now anyway.
Them: You’ve always helped us out of jams in the past. We don’t care if there’s a rush charge.
Me: That’s not the point. We need advance time to plan on staffing. Unless you want me to do it myself and in that case I take cash only. And it won’t look good.
Them: We’ll call our other agency.
Me: They’re closed today.
Them: Oh shit.

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