Marketing Yourself Sucks

22 Dec

Finally ready to make the move I’ve been talking about forever after having a long, drawn out discussion with our ECD yesterday afternoon (where he made it clear I’m underpaid, overworked and need a tan). Problem is, getting hired somewhere takes a looonnnngg time. Agencies don’t post my position for some reason – you just have to put yourself out there. So I’ve been trying to think of a creative way to market myself other than just a resume. I mean, I can’t ask one of our designers to do a flash piece for me without attracting some sort of attention around the office. So if you see a resume come through your shop for an ambiguous job, with a boring but lucrative resume, for a girl who was client side until 2 years ago, it’s me. I wouldn’t recommend calling me back. You’ll need an HR person just to monitor my behavior.

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