Agency Christmas Greetings

22 Dec

Seems every digital shop out there has some cool holiday greeting out there. Except us, of course. I swear our managing director is channeling Ebenezer this year (case in point: my bonus was an email telling me I wouldn’t be getting a bonus because I already make enough money). Here’s a link to some I’ve received lately. I was forwarded the one from Big Spaceship by our ECD, which he sent as if it was from the guy who grabbed my ass the other day. I was totally creeped out for about an hour until he admitted his “genius” joke. Good one. However, that was better than our IT guy sending me a link to a news article about how to keep the pounds off during the holiday season. Merry Christmas to you too, jackass.

Some holiday cheer from Big Spaceship.
AKQA’s Haloday.
LBi London’s holiday card jumps into life.
Glue goes to Lapland.
And not from an agency, but Chimp’s Christmas out-of-blog post. I quite agree.
W+K London’s Wieden’s Wood.
R/GA Presents Tattoo Santa.

(AKQA Haloday)
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