The Hungover Tart

16 Dec

I might die at any moment from a hangover, if that’s possible. Who knew you could get so liquored up on spiced wine? And who drinks spiced wine anymore? Later in the evening, in a kind of mass gift exchange, I got a 1.5 liter bottle of Ciroc.  Like I needed more at that point…I only cracked it open for a sec, I swear.

So right now, this Australian banner by Tequila (figures…) for the Nissan X-Trail fits my mood – just like the crocodile I would bite someone’s arm off if they came near me right now. Unless they came bearing Excedrin, a bottle of orange Gatorade and something greasy. Then I might like them for a minute.  But only for a minute.

Nissan Xtrail

(via BannerBlog)

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