All For The Photo Shoot

10 Dec

There can only be 2 reasons this ad got made:

1) Everyone knows a woman in some lingerie will make you look twice and buy a pair of shoes
2) The creative director/client hasn’t had sex in months and just had to see a naked chick (see dailybiz for confirmation). I’m guessing there were multiple takes and lots of “adjusting the lighting”.

I don’t see what handmade leather shoes has to do with a very nice pair of underwear, but I’m a little slow and hungover this morning. 

John White
(via FishNChimps)

2 Responses to “All For The Photo Shoot”

  1. sidi January 11, 2008 at 1:47 pm #

    Rotate 90 degrees CCW. Put man in shoe. Ponder.


  1. sex sells shoes, mobile phones, etc and so on « the daily (ad) biz - December 11, 2007

    […] Agency Tart, which is always a good read, posted about a John White shoe ad that prominently featured a woman in very sexy underwear. And somehow, wouldn’t you know it, I got dragged into it (if only I got dragged into the […]

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