The Latest Search Terms…

7 Dec

…used to get here. I’m skipping all the boring ad jargon and going straight for the goods. Love!

  • reverse cowgirl
  • naked men
  • how to start working out
  • sex shop ad
  • blog men don’t want to look at (WTF?!)
  • blow up doll
  • hot naked men
  • are you a catcher or a pitcher
  • big breasted sluts
  • bizarre dumbass alcoholic

One Response to “The Latest Search Terms…”

  1. dailybiz December 7, 2007 at 3:59 pm #

    that is amazing. the only search terms i get are things like “david lubars,” bbdo + david lubars,” “blogs and david lubars” and “macaulay culkin naked.”

    that last one just about made me quit blogging until i realized it referred to the peta ad.


    i like the search terms used to find your blog a lot better.

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