We All Feel Like This Sometimes

4 Dec

Why Advertising Sucks has the funniest rant about a client I’ve read in a long time. I snorted cereal out my nose when I read it. And it was frosted mini wheats, so it was painful. Here’s a snippet, but go read the whole thing here.

“I will gladly retire and go wipe Paris Hilton’s ass with no gloves whatsoever, while you design all the bullshit you want on your own. It’s easy! Just crank open Microsoft Word and get cracking, you “Ogilvish” talented client. That way, you can put the logo as biiiiiiig as your ballsack, fill the ads with bursts and extremely large headers! What do you think? You can also put all the damn colors you want, so that people SURE take notice of that Romper-Room ad. OH! That way, if you make a typo… well, it’s just a mistake, right? You’re human. Nah… don’t worry. I know if I do it, I’m the asshole who didn’t do her job right.

The balls on some people are priceless. Sometimes I think that advertising doesn’t suck. It’s just clients.”

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