Works Well With Others

6 Nov

Phone vibrates at 4:17am. It’s an account manager from another agency we’re partnering with on a promo site for a big client.

Him: The new part of the site’s not working. The redirect was supposed to go through at 4am.
Me: That’s the client’s IT’s job, remember? We’ve had our part done since last Wednesday.
Him: Can you call them and walk them through again?
Me: Now?
Him: Yes. Needs to be done before the client gets to work.
Me: I’ll have to go into the office. You do know it’s 4 in the morning.
Him: Okay. Talk to you later.

Triple time, you fuckhead. Triple time.


2 Responses to “Works Well With Others”

  1. Steve November 6, 2007 at 12:09 pm #

    Treat your BlackBerry like a set of dentures and immerse it in a glass of water before you rest that head of yours. It’ll save you from shit like this.

    And fuck triple time. Company car time.

  2. Jetpacks November 6, 2007 at 1:37 pm #

    Now, how are you feeling about that whole Blackberry connectivity all the time thing? Got to shut that shit off once in a while.

    Aside fom the obvious fact that this account manager clown is an asswipe douche, (he was sitting up waiting for the redirect to go through at 4AM!) he knew you’d have that BB at your bedside – and that you can ALWAYS work. But that’s how they do it in Japan!

    Nonetheless, what a total cock. I’d have told him to hit refresh. Or better, give him some line about how it takes a while for the changes to be propogated across the Internet. “It looks fine from here.”

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