What Do You Want To Do?

6 Nov

I’m not sure whether or not I like this recruitment viral from BBH. What I do know is they need some help in their NY office. I got this email from an account manager there in regards to the Trevor the Mentos Intern site I wrote about:

“BBH worked on a project for Mentos, developing a viral campaign. We’d like to measure the success of the campaign and thus we’re looking for total impressions on their site as well as an average CPM.

Can you please provide this information so that we can generate the numbers? While we currently don’t have the business, the project that we are doing now could be a step in the right direction. This could mean good things for both BBH and https://agencytart.wordpress.com/.”

WTF is that? Yes, I place tracking software on random microsites and then track site stats. And why would a site have CPM? There are so, so, so many things wrong with that email. Maybe they need to create a graduate recruitment video for the US, as it seems things aren’t going so well.

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