I Hate My Job. Sometimes. Like Today.

4 Nov

I really, really, really love the field I’m in. But jesus, I hate having to force sales on my clients. Can’t our work speak for itself and they hire us on our merits alone? Apparently not. Here’s a very small snippet from a long, ranting email from our Managing Director.

“As of today, we are sitting at approximately $x.x in net revenue for this month. we have to find the additional $x in recognized revenue. not closed sales, but revenue. so, we need to close the opportunities that are on the table, and begin work — AND find quick turnaround projects.to get those types of projects, you will call current clients on Monday morning and ask them what they have for us, and get them to spend their excess Q4 budgets with us.”

Excess Q4 budgets? What are those? I love whoring myself out on Monday mornings. I usually reserve that for later in the week.

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