Dior’s Cinderella Fantasy

24 Oct

Funktrip did this microsite (below) for Dior Midnight Poison. The videos are absolutely stunning (directed by Wong Kar-Wai), the sound design is perfect, but I think the site could have been so much more. Seemed a little compartmentalized – maybe should have expanded to fit your screen, full screen streaming, etc. In the bonus section, you have the option of downloading a widget for your desktop, which is basically…wait for it…a clock. And it will let you know if there are site updates. It looks pretty (by the way, design is very nicely done by Funktrip), but I thought widgets were supposed to help you be more productive and save time. Maybe I’m wrong. Go out and propose widgets to all your clients because they’re neat. Soon everyone will have a desktop full of crap they don’t use, but you’ll have a fat bonus in your pocket.

Dior Widget

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