Mmmmm. Vodka. Good.

16 Oct

Not a big fan of Smirnoff, but the spot I just saw on Brand Noise has some fabulous animation. I thought for sure the VO guy was talking about Rasputin, though. Microsite‘s not that bad either, which is a little surprising.


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  1. Ravages October 17, 2007 at 3:36 pm #

    The tvc is good. But the microsite is, um, plain wrong.
    Middle East, for whatever it is worth, is still a part of the Asian continent. While, and I think Russians would agree, Russia is more European (at least Moscow is)

    Meanwhile, where the eff did the hide India? It doesn’t show in the list of countries from Asia at all (when you click and go through the map to the clinking glasses). What? Indians don’t drink? Indians are not worthy of a microsite?


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