Which One Does Not Go?

14 Oct

– Stayed in bed all day Saturday to get over a cold so I’ll be fresh for another Monday at the agency.
– Drank 5 consecutive tequila shots as an alternative, all-natural cold remedy.
– Escaped via side door and friendly bouncer from strip club (don’t ask) where creepy friend of a friend tried to pick me up. I laugh while bouncer throws him out as I’m leaving.
– Talked to an old boss via instant messenger at midnight. Tried to convince him he needs a new SVP of marketing and suggested myself. He suggested something very, very different. I end the conversation and remind myself to stick with traditional means for my job search.
– Woke up on Sunday with my head on fire, a tongue like sandpaper and an acute sense that I should stay home for the next week.


One Response to “Which One Does Not Go?”

  1. suckerpunch October 15, 2007 at 3:52 pm #

    Yes sir, no sir, ulcer. That’s advertising for you.

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