The 8 Ball Doesn’t Lie

5 Oct

Me: “Is this day going to get better?”
Magic 8 Ball: “Better not tell you now.”

Day started out great, with a client finally approving a UI we’ve been tweaking for weeks. But then it went downhill so fast I still don’t know what’s going on – media buys are a fickle mistress. And if SWF talks to me one more time today, I’m going to scream. My name has been whined about 432 times this morning and I had to set my IM to “away” so she will be discouraged to send me messages.

SWF: “Can you get on IM?”
Me: “……”
SWF: “Can you take your headphones off?”
Me: “….”
SWF: “Do you want to go to lunch with me?”
Me: “….”
(Phone rings)
Me: “Sure! I’d love to go to lunch. When? Leaving now.”

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