Interviewing With Interactive Agencies

5 Oct

Here’s a tip if you’re interviewing with a digital/interactive agency: read some of the trade pubs and just drop the latest jargon into your interview answers and you’ll be called back for a second interview before the first one is done. Happened to me this week. I called the person on it and they laughed. Lucky for me they had a sense of humor. I don’t care if I get an offer – I’m not moving to the city in which they’re based, anyway. I finally have it narrowed down to 2 cities and that ain’t one of them.

On a separate note, the front desk chick told me a couple of days ago they’re having a surprise party for my birthday. I will throw up all over everyone if that happens. There’s only 2 things I can think of that I really want for my birthday, and a bunch of colleagues standing around an ice cream cake is not on that list. But maybe it should be. Set my standards low.

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