Don’t Surprise The Tart. Ever.

5 Oct

I spent half my day yesterday arranging my travel schedule for the next 2 weeks. Supposed to go to see a client next Thursday and Friday, so I had travel book my air and hotel, and I was feeling pretty good about myself for being so organized. When I got to work this morning, the red light of death was blinking.

“Instead of you coming to see us next week, we’ve decided to come see you this Monday and Tuesday. Can you come pick us up at 9:15am at the airport? We’d like to go out to dinner with you that night too, if you can make reservations, that would be great. See you then!”

WTF?! Like I don’t have anything else going on in my life. I’m a busy person! I have plans! Give me at least a weeks notice for chrissake.

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