Decisions, Decisions. What To Do?

4 Oct

I have 3 choices of what to do after work, one which is halfway mandatory.

  1. Go home.
  2. Go to a client dinner with our biz dev VP. Said clients are misogynistic, bigoted politicians who don’t know they’re supposed to look at women’s faces when they speak to them. However, I find this good entertainment, so it may be worth it just to go for that.
  3. Go to hot yoga with a friend, sweat to death and practice my half lotus forward fold (I could think of a few other ways to do that without being in a 95 degree room, but I digress).

Obviously, it’s the client dinner that’s halfway mandatory, but I’m starting to feel like I’m coming down with the flu. Cough. Cough. They won’t miss me – they usually end up slapping the server’s ass and talking about their teenage daughters’ friends’ racks. Maybe I should go buy a tape recorder.

One Response to “Decisions, Decisions. What To Do?”

  1. Cam Beck October 4, 2007 at 10:52 am #

    Yes… Tape record. You may lose your job, but from the sound of it, that might not be a bad thing. Extra points if they smoke some crack on camera.

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