I Love You And Hate You At The Same Time

2 Oct

I love our devs. They’re amazingly talented. But when they screw something up that’s invisible to me and the client until it’s too late, I want to kill them. It’s impossible for me to know that there’s been a coding mistake – isn’t that the purpose of QA? So when the client discovers that mail addresses for a future DM campaign haven’t been captured by a database we built for a month, I both want to stab a dev in the aorta with a spoon and slit my wrists. I love to spend my day kissing ass and apologizing. I still love them, I guess. This banner by Saatchi & Saatchi Italy got out a little of my stress. Not sure that correlating a punching bag and visiting the Aosta Valley for stress relief was the right choice, but it still makes you want to interact. Only issue I have is that it takes a fairly long time to see the brand, so brand interaction times would be low.


(via BannerBlog)

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